Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Worldwide Libertarian Revolution

In this essay we shall discuss creating a libertarian revolutionary movement to spread across the world. This Worldwide Libertarian Revolution will only come about through enlightenment,education and in some places outright revolution. What does this mean for the people of our little planet? What this revolution will accomplish is the destruction of statism and the reorganization of the world's nation states into libertarian societies. This task will not be easy, but no revolution is. The American and French Revolutions caused tremendous upheaval in both Europe and America, causing people to reject the domination of their rulers and attempt to create new and improved societies. Both revolutions paved the way for the modern world,injecting classical liberal ideas and a belief that man was fit for self government. Although classical liberalism was the start of libertarian thought, we must take what over 200 years of history and statism have taught us and move beyond the past, striving to create a truly free world. Let us begin.

Abolition of Nation States

Don't panic. I am not advocating world government, but instead the destruction of the current socio-political statist climates in the nations around the world. To do this, each "nation state" must be reorganized into a libertarian society. To do this, a broad based libertarian revolutionary movement must be created and cultivated in every nation. Of course, each nation has it's different cultures and one must frame a libertarian society within many of those confines, but I believe all people deep in their hearts yearn for liberty. To activate this instinct we must focus on the destruction of the statist system within each country. First, we must educate the masses that all human beings possess natural rights. These rights consist of the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. They also consist of the right to live your life as you see fit as long as you do not violate or infringe on the rights of others to do the same. One must be free from artificial rules imposed by the state that are meant to control people who are engaged in peaceful activities. Such activities include who you have sexual relations with, where you live, where and what type of work you do, how you spend your money, who you choose to associate with or not associate with , etc. To free the minds of people we must create a revolutionary libertarian movement that replaces existing statist societies. Once these movements are created, we must unite these groups and organizations that can pressure statist governments. This pressure should come about by elections, voting, protests, demostrations, the use of libertarian propaganda on the airwaves and TV,handbills and pamphlets, and other arts of revolution. Statists must see and hear the voice of the masses against their governments and must be shown that the people will not tolerate despotism any more. Of course, some statist governments will react by banning free speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press and will probably suspend free elections and impose martial law. When this happens, the people will be propelled into armed revolution. The statists must feel the weight of the people and pay the price for their tyranny.


These revolutionary organizations should be spread out throughtout the land. A system
based upon the voluntary organizations in both the American and French Revolutions are a good example. Committees of Correspondence, Safety, and what I would call a Committee of Liberty. This last committee would be responsible for libertarian propaganda, and philosophical ideals. The committee would bring the radical libertarian philosophy and the ideals of the classical liberals together. It would revive the Anglo-American radical tradition. This tradition, beginning with the Magna Carta in 1215, and it's subequent offspring consisting of the English Levellers, Lockean liberalism, American revolutionaries and the ideals of Thomas Paine and the ideals of Left Libertarian thought. All tyrannical laws must be opposed and protested. We must organize the movement to oppose all taxes, regulations, imperialistic wars, and the growing surveillence state. Statist rulers need to know that the people will not tolerate the destruction of their liberties. Communication between the lovers of liberty around the globe will need to be created. People of different cultures, religions, and nations will need to work together and unite against statism in each and every country.
Most importantly the Military-Industrial Complex must be dismantled and mothballed. The Peace for the World and the future of freedom requires it.

A Libertarian world, a world of libertarian societies would be the nearest thing to a political paradise. Imagine, a world of Libertarian Republics whose only motivations would be peace, honest commerce, and the furtherance of enlightenment throughout humanity. There would be no need for war, mass poverty and decay would recede as free market systems and free individuals would strive to make the world a better place. Am I asking for Utopia? Of course not. Utopia is not an option and does not exist among fallible human beings. Instead of Utopia, lets strive for freedom, and with it will come the rest. Once this is achieved the state will wither away just as Karl Marx predicted. This withering away will not be a result of socialistic statism, whether right or left, but by leaving people to be free.

A Left Libertarian Community

A Left Libertarian community must be established. People must be free to form voluntary social organizations and societies. Free market ideas along with free commerce and exchange between individuals will melt away centuries of corrosive statism and the tyrannical, stifling culture of domination politics. Civil society will flourish and a social intercourse of peace and freedom will be engraved on hearts of humanity. Left Libertarianism and worldwide libertarian revolution are the only ways to change our world for the better. It may take many, many decades or even centuries, but if the human spirit has a flame of liberty left in it, we can start now.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Nihlism of the Left

The American "Left" is a hodgepodge of groups from Democratic Socialists to outright Stalininsts and Maoists. Some "vanguard" groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party, run by hard core Maoist Bob Avakian literally despise the United States, it's classical liberal foundations, and wish to overthrow "capitalism". On their website they fire up the flames of racial and group conflict, ethnic hate ( against Euro-Americans) and call on the "masses" to form a revolutionary communist state. The fraud of the ideology of socialism and communism is apparent when it is recognized for what it is: and elitist philosophy where professed love for the masses is used as a front for the aquisition of power, paving the way for the "dictatorship of the proletariat". Why people "freeing" themselves need a dictator at all is a dichotomy that is ironically left out. What we will examine in this essay is the nihlistic mindset of the "left". We will examine their hate,mass murder, group idendity politics, and anti-free market economic policies.

The despotism of the Old World, of which Karl Marx was a member, was a despotism of centralized government, state economic controls, state religion, and feudalism.This Old World philosophy is in complete contravention to the ideals of the Enlightenment which brought us classical liberalism, free enterprise, respect for human rights and progress.

Ethnic Cleansing of "Class Enemies" and races

American Leftists are constantly berating and condemning the United States as a "racist", "sexist", "homophobe" nation founded by "dead white males". This is where the left's political and cultural bigotry comes to the forefront. What they really hate is the concept of liberty itself and natural rights as expressed by America's Founders. Leftists are incredibly racist and hateful people motivated by a corrupt and hateful philosophy. America's Founders with all of their flaws are still the greatest proponents of human liberty. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine and other great classical liberals were believers in individual liberty, free trade, human rights, enlightenment, and peace. Leftists hate the Founders for several reasons. Reason one is that they were white males. This is an example of leftist racism and prejudice. Reason two is the leftist love of collectivism, violence, and cultural upheaval. There so many other reasons that this essay would not be able to deliniate them all. Leftists love to claim that America's Founders committed "genocide" against "people of color". American Indians are painted as benevolent utopians living off the land until "whitey" came along. There were clearly atrocities on both sides. Colonists and Indians brutally murdered each other savagely, betrayed treaties, and committed acts of mayhem. American Indian tribes were really statist governments who ruled over their own people tyrannically. They also made war on other tribes, butchered them and kept the women and children as slaves and concubines. Let us now examine the Leftist "ethnic cleansing" and murder of idigenous people around the world:

Soviet Union: Kulaks, Cossacks, Armenians,Ukrainians,Volga Germans,Baltic peoples, Finns,Poles and other numerous minorities were starved, enslaved on collective farms, and had their property stolen by the Soviet state. Mass murder was the norm for many of these people such as the Kulaks and Cossacks. An estimated 70 MILLION people died at the hands of these human demons in the USSR. Anti-Semetism was rampant in the USSR, and Jews suffered massive repression at the hands of the "worker's paradise". Whole peoples were labeled " reactionary races" and "counter revolutionaries".

China: Tibetans were enslaved after the 1950 invasion of Tibet by China. Their national culture was annhilated. Buddhist monastaries, and other items of national culture were suppressed. Tibetans are forbidden to speak Tibetan, and forcibily taught Chinese in school. Ethnic Chinese have been imported to further erode what is left of Tibetan culture. Tibetans have been subjected to slavery, mass murder, and occupation now for 56 years. So much for caring about "indigenous peoples".

Peru: The Maoist guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso ( The Shining Path) in their occupied zones committed crimes against indeginous indians by forcing them on collective farms, banning any dissent and committing terrorism against the populace. Prostitutes had their heads shaved, unfaithful husbands were whipped publically, dogs and cats were hung from lamposts to terrorize the populace. Mass murder was frequently used against villagers who attempted to vote in peruvian elections.

Cambodia: The murderous regime of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot murdered 3,000,000 people in death camps throughout Cambodia. People were killed for "smiling too much", "being an intellectual", a "class enemy", "rich", "formenting counter revolution", or being a "peasant".

Eastern Europe: In all of the Eastern European states ethnic minorities were terrorized, their culture supressed, and their homelands absorbed into the parent state. Moldovia into the USSR, parts of Poland to the USSR, parts of Germany to Poland, Yugoslavia, a mishmash of ethnic rivalies,clans and races. All of these people were crushed by the sickle and hammer. Only now are they starting to recover their nationalities.

In Cuba Fidel Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara used terrorism, murder, and brutality to create a "people's republic". Guevara was particularly brutal. He was closed minded ( as all Marxists are), arrogant, and fanatical. Guevara had no qulams about murdering opponents of Castro and the "people's revolution". So much for caring about the "proletariat". Guevara was also very racist. He called blacks "indolent" as a race, and denegrated Mexicans and other Indian races.

In Nepal, a "people's war" against the corrupt monarchy has resulted in the murder, torture and genocide against innocent Nepalis. The Maoist movement in Nepal controls large parts of the countryside where free enterprise, private property, and civil liberties are non-existant under the "dictatorship of the proletariat".

These are just a few examples of the hypocrisy, savagery, and genocide committed by leftist regimes. Sadly many young American "useful idiots" are the biggest supporters of Marxism and socialist thought. You can see these tragic figures at anti-war protests, waving the red banner, the sickle and hammer, and numerous hate filled signs denouncing whites, America, or capitalism. What is also sad is that many of these young people will be the first to go their deaths in a communist revolution. Lenin used anarchists, social democrats, and other socialist parties to forment the Bolshevik Revolution. Once the revolution was over most went to labor camps and eventually to their deaths.

What must we do as libertarians? As I have stated in other essays we must forment radicalism for liberty, free thought and free enterprise. THe nihlism of leftism must be exposed. Freedom must be cultivated in the minds of the masses. The slave mentality must be eradicated. We must instill a univerasal love of liberty and brotherhood amongst people. Class, race, ethnicity, religion, and all other divisive catagories must be exposed as tools to divide and conquer people. Liberty needs to become the organizing principle of society and eventually the world. Without liberty, life is really a dreary thing. Without liberty,freedom and democracy cannot survive. Let's all work together to bring peace, liberty and democracy to the world.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Left/Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion

In essence there only only two competing ideologies in existance: statism and libertarianism. As I have pointed out in other essays, the Left/ Right political structure is pure fraud. In today's America people are brainwashed and deluded by what I call the Left/Right Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion. This delusion blinds people to the frauds being perpetrated on their lives and liberties. This mass delusion also causes them to hate their country, it's ideals and embrace statist-collectivist ideals. This delusion is widespread and has metastisized like a cancer over the past several decades. This fraud has been successful in duping people to reject libertarian ideas. We will review both "leftwing" and "rightwing" delusions and see how they are ruining the USA. First, let's begin with the "left".

The Modern "Left"

The modern "left" is made up of many factions, groups and causes. Socialism, communism, environmentalism, group catagorization, and group identity ( affirmative action), anti-gun, "public health" movements, socialized medicine, etc. One thing most of these groups have in common is worship of the state or collective. Also hatred of everything "American" or "Eurocentric" is a prime portion of their ideology. Most "left" groups disguise their hateful and bigoted ideas behind words like "tolerance" or "inclusive". Most leftists are neither. Hate of "whites males",
the United States, and most importantly the classical liberal ideals of America's Founders are paramount. Of course, they also hate religious believers, traditional morality, and wish to force a "cultural revolution" on American society.
One example of the mass delusion these "leftists" suffer is their bigoted,prejudiced manipulation of history. Men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington are stridently condemned as "slaveowners", and "oppressors". Men ,like Jefferson and Madison, who tried to abolish slavery and preserve the gains of the American Revolution, are given no quarter while monsters like Mao, Stalin or Pol Pot are praised, elevated and worshipped. These communist beasts, mass murderers, and monsters made slaves of all of their people, not just a portion. Classical liberals like Jefferson attempted to eradicate slavery, but their society was not prepared to move in that direction. Men like Lenin and Stalin instead ordered mass murder and starvation of their "class enemies". Communist prejudice and hate is conveiniently ignored, while great men like Jefferson or Washington are destroyed. The ideals of the American Revolution consisted of individual liberty, limited government, and free trade. These ideals are derided and the collectivist ideal of unlimited government, elitism, hate and envy are propagated. "Leftists" ignore the progression of history. Starting with English libertarian ideas in the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution, and ultimately the American Revolution, libertarian ideas have progressed. Condeming our forebearers is absurd because men like the English Levellers, Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison were way ahead of their time. Jefferson avidly hoped future generations would go beyond his own. "Leftists", of course will never admit this. They want to hate. They want to hate "whites", America's Founders, and Western Civilization. Leftist tyranny is particularly hideous. In the USSR, China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, etc ethnic minorities are subjected to mass deportation, mass murder,annhilation of their culture, and a life of serfdom and enslavement. The Left is only one half of the Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion that afflicts the world. Let us turn to the Right.

The Right

Our right wing opponents are equally the enemies of liberty. The modern "Right" are the descendants of the Old Guard in Europe. This Old Guard descends from the monarchies with their "Divine Right of Kings", privileged nobility, state supported churches, Roman Catholic and Protestant, military, and the favored interests of these despotic societies, mercantilist corporations, guilds and wealthy civil servants. The modern Right is without a king so they must do the next best thing: give the American President the aura of a monarch. Right wing Republicans practically worship the President, savagely attacking any and all who critisize the "Commander in Chief" Right wingers also despise the poor and middle classes. Oh, they speak as their defenders, but actions speak louder than words. The American people have had a Republican Congress for 12 years now, and has this helped the cause of liberty? No way. Regressive witholding taxes, sales taxes,unemployment insurance taxes, Social Security taxes, gas taxes, and massive debt have been foisted upon the mass of our society. So much for defending working people. The Right is also full of hate. The objects of this hate are homosexuals,abortion doctors, libertarians, people of no faith or a non Christian faith, "liberals", and any opponents of the Republican Party. Laws banning "gay marriage",euthanasia, the use of drugs for medicinal purposes, are just a few examples of so called "conservatives" casting aside "state's rights" and embracing central control from Washington. Who has benefited from these "conservatives" policies? Military contractors, corporations who are subsidized by the taxpayers, religous fanatics, and the statist drug enforcement apparatus. The Right has an almost knee jerk hate of civil liberties. Wiretapping without a warrant, no knock raids, American citizens held in violation of Habeus Corpus ( Jose Padilla), "free speech zones", militarization of police forces,etc. The Attorney General of the United States recently stated that the President has unlimited power in time of war to "imprison", "detain", and hold people without any legal justification! That my friends is the "conservative" ideal. This as most will recognize is really fascism.

How to End the Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion

How do we end this mass delusion and free the American people? First,we must be militant, radical and uncomprimising. No apologies for libertarian ideas or beliefs.
We must use the arts of propaganda, elections, and public issues to get the libertarian message out to the masses. We must reject and distinguish ourselves from conservatives. Libertarians are mistakenly considered conservatives. We are not anything of the sort. Libertarianism is radical, conservativism is not. Conservatism is a stagnant, rotten and corrupt statist delusion. We also must oppose the Left with more frequency. We must expose their hateful ideals of group identification, group catagorization, class warfare, anti-traditionalist statist agenda. We must defend free enterprise against statists, both right and left. One way is to expose the frauds of GATT, NAFTA,FTAA, and the WTO. These statist treaties are not free trade, but are statist government managed trade. We must also oppose all taxes, at all levels, all regulations, and all new laws designed to infringe on the right of people to live their lives as they see fit. We must show people the evils of empire and imperialism. We must point out the benefits of a Jeffersonian foreign policy of "Stategic Neutrality" and peace. All foreign wars must be opposed and all American troops brought home. We must show the American people that your life belongs to you and no one else! Without the right to own, control and manage your own property, you become a slave. Without the right to live your personal life by your own morals ( without infringing on the right of others to do the same), you are a slave. Without the right to be free of tyrannical laws and government, you are a slave. Without the right to associate or not associate with any one you choose, you are a slave. The worst type of slavery is the slavery of the mind. This type of slavery perpetuates the Left/ Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion. It is the type of slavery where you continue to think your free, but you are really in bondage.

Reject the slave mentality! Reject the idea that you exist to serve you "betters" in the Left/ Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion. Embrace radical libertarianism, and free the world.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


As revolutionary and radical libertarians we must reject the philosophy of classism that that is destroying our freedom, prosperity, and our society. Let us begin.


Classism is the pitting of one class against another by statists and other government/corporate complexes. This form of class warfare is divisive, destructive and causes people to resent, envy and hate others based upon their perceived financial success or lack thereof. Classism is a theory that says that the rich, poor and middle classes have conflicting and opposing interests. This evil theory completely ignores the fact that all people have a vested interest in not only their own freedom, but the freedom of others, regardless of economic status. Communists and socialists are masters at this type of divide and conquer theory. They focus on the poor and downtrodden and foster a hate of the wealthy blaming all of the problems of the poor and middle classes on the rich. What they fail to include is that it is not the rich, per se, but the rich corporate system that is inextricably tied to the government for fat contracts, subsidies, and tax plunder. Free trade, true capitalism, and economic progress are discarded and instead wealth is transfered from the people to government bureaucrats, contractors, and their favored interests. This classism applies to both the right and the left as people are lead to believe that it is not the statist tyrants who are their oppressors, but the "rich". Right wingers use this theory to show the poor as parasites and losers. They uphold wealthy elites as the pinnacle of society. The middle class and poor are derided as "unsuccessful". Of course the rightists leave out the massive tax and welfare bureaucracy that forces many into poverty. Both leftists and rightists wish to consolidate all power in a centralized state. This state is a Hobbsian creature made to "rule" society.

Leftists and Rightists perpetrate this fraud by encouraging hate on the enemy "class". The Left singles out the successful as "parasites" and "oppressors" but of course excuse wealthy leftists and socialists from their theory. Their communist heros like Stalin, Lenin, Gorbechev all lived like European royalty, similar to the Czar they overthrew. Rightists uphold corporations as the pinnacle of "capitalism" and "free trade" when in reality, these corporations are nothing more that government servants staffed by sycophants.

Reject Classism! Reject enslavement by this evil ideology of hate! Embrace Freedom!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Hate of the Right and Left

We hear it all the time: " I'm a conservative" or "I'm a liberal", "rightwinger", "leftwinger", etc. In general these terms do define so called "progressives" and so called "conservatives". However, these terms do not adequately describe or unveil the ideology of hatred, envy and malice behind both of these philosophies. In this essay we will examine both. Before we do let me inform you, the reader, that as a libertarian I reject both the "right" and the "left" because they are both wrong. They are wrong about human nature, they are wrong about government, and they use force, fear and fraud to obtain their "heaven on Earth". Let us examine first the philosophy of the left.

Leftists, which generally include communists, socialists, democratic socialists, environmental groups, and Trotskyites, proclaim a love of mankind, and wish to free him from subjection by the "capitalist class". When examined closely this philosophy is full of hate, envy, malice and domination. Leftists either consist of wealthy elites that feel guilty about their own success or men of little success who wish to penalize, and punish those who have been successful. In the early 20th century when the Bolshevik Revolution proclaimed a "new man" would be built in the newly conceived USSR it was a lie. Instead, an Old World despotism ( that of the tyrannical Czar) was reinstituted, along with the bureaucracy, to enslave and dominate the Russian masses. Forced confiscation of land and property, collective farms (serfdom), secret police ( the NKVD, modelled like the Czarist secret police), and a huge standing military were established to lord over the populace. These Marxist intellectuals claimed to be doing all of this in the name of the people. What they really did was reinstitute the former hierarchial society under new slogans, titles and names. The new aristocrats were the Communist Party bureaucrats and Kommissars, both of whom were at the top rung of this despotism pyramid. At the top was the executive officials of the Party, the Politburo, and the pinnacle was the dictator, the Chairman of The Communist Party. What about the mass of the people, you might ask? At the BOTTOM of the pyramid. Slaves, and serfs living in subhuman conditions just like under the Czar with laws designed to keep them powerless and ignorant. This structure was recreated in every communist run nation from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia and China.

In reality leftists are motivated by a love of power, domination and hierarchy, no matter what their slogans and speeches say. Freedom of Speech, religion, person, are non-existant. Protections against unreasonnable searches and seizures, the right to counsel, and individual liberty are codified in law in a farcical manner. These rights are never respected because individuals live for the collective, the Party, and never for themselves. Living in such a society is much like living in a secular Hell. Constant fear, ignorance, and brutality are the norm. Curfews, militarism, and and "thought police" are everywhere. This is the Communist ideal of a just society. Hate is constantly promoted. Hate of the capitalists, hate of "hooligans", hate of religion and it's believers, hate of the individual, hate of "enemies of the state", hate of the "class enemies", etc are daily infused into popular thought. That said,now let's move onto the hate of the right.

Rightists, are also made up of power hungry individuals who desire power, domination, hierarchy and slavery for the masses. Rightists usually consist of militarists, religious fanatics, secular bureaucrats, and corporate leaders. Most rightists are motivated by hate of the poor, minorities of any kind, anyone who is not suffciently patriotic, and anyone opposed to their religious belief or outlook. Rightists are also the offspring of the Old World. They are the children of the Old nobility, monarchies, and religious priests of the Middle Ages. These are the type of men who would have supported the Spanish Inquisition, and who to this day support imperialism. Rightists also enjoy a political pyramid that keeps them in power. The nobility consists of the corporate leaders who do the government's bidding, professional government bureaucrats, miltary nobles (the officer class), and at the top the executive branches consisting of the departments of the central government. Who is at the bottom, you ask? Of course the general population, the middle classes , the poor, minorities, and the average everyday man. I must add the term "minorities" does not just mean people of color. Homosexuals, prostitutes,and people who use drugs are also targets of right wing rage against "immorality". Also in most of America, white males and whites in general are assaulted by the establishment and abused as racists. This is done by the establishment to divide and conquer the populace. Most, if not all races fall for this trap. This race baiting keeps emotions inflamed, hate burning, and the people distracted.

Right wingers are, like their leftist cousins, promoters of hate. This hate is directed against "nonbelievers", atheists, homosexuals, poor and downtrodden, and "nonconformists",and those who speak out against the government. This hate is motivated by their own insecurities of self worth, sociopathy, sadism against the weaker, and delusions of domination.

As one can see these two ideologies are ideologies of death, hate, and self abasement. Individuals don't matter, the tribe, the collective, the hive, is supreme. The people mean nothing. The elites of both ideologies establish a hierarchial scoiety to dominate, control, and consolidate their own power.
As O' Brian, Winston Smith's torturer in 1984 related to Winston " Power is not a means, Winston, it is an end." This is the philosophy of the right and left.

Needless to say both of these statist ideologies exist to transfer the wealth and fortune of productive people ( the bulk of the American people) to the non-productive people ( statist government bureaucrats, favored corporations, and the government parasite class). A great run down of the "class struggle" is on " The Nation of Liberty" website run by Peter Brow. The URL is www.geocities.com/capitolhill/congress/3999/art.classstruggle.html. It is a great article.

All in all, the "left" and "right" are full of hate. Hate of humanity is what drives their ideologies. Rightwingers are generally arrogant hypocrites who constantly espouse "morality" and "family values" while living lives of debauchery and luxury. Leftists are also arrongant hypocrites since they espouse "tolerance" and denounce "racism" yet are really race baiters and haters. They promote "group rights" and "multiculturalism" which divide and segregate people into different racial castes and tribes.

Dear reader, reject these ideologies of malice, envy and hate. Instead embrace liberty, freedom, prosperity and compassion. Embrace libertarianism, the only philosophy that tells you that you own your life. Libertarianism is the only philosophy that tells you to live for yourself, enjoy life and respect the rights and lives of others. If you join me, we can walk down that path together.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Americans, Liberty, and the Blue Pill

Trinity :" It is the question...Do you know the question?" Neo:" What is the Matrix?"

I am convinced that Americans have taken the Blue pill. They are hopelessly plugged into the system. Dependent on the system for their very lives, they mindlessly continue along without open mindedness, and independent thought. Americans are not only unable to see the truth while stupified by the system, they do not wish to see it. Seeing the truth, the truth that they are slaves, is not something easy to come to grips with. Taking the blue pill is the easy way out. Taking the red pill, the pill of enlightenment is an act of courage. Americans today, much like in the movie the Matrix, live in a dream world. They live superficial and managed lives at the behest of forces they cannot quite put their finger on. They know there is something wrong with their country, they just aren't sure what it is.

Television, talk radio, sports, Hollywood, gossip magazines, etc are all the modern day version of the gladiator games of ancient Rome. Most Americans cannot conceive of life without TV, radio and other forms of artificial "entertainment". Instead of unplugging, most Americans would rather indulge in alcoholism, drug addiction, entertainment addiction and stimulation, organized sporting events and other mundane mindless activities. These actvities do not stimulate the mind, nor do they encourage critical thinking. Instead, these activities cause people to use the most primitive part of the primate brain. Visual and physical stimulation, while normal to enjoy as human beings, have now become the primary organizing factor of the modern man. What is important is not liberty, freedom, self government, individual sovereignty, but what mindless entertainment is going to fill up space in their minds. This mindset is exactly what the elite of the world want. They want you braindead, idiotic, unable to think , and easy to lead.

When you turn on the TV you are seeing a series of images that the corporate/government/media complex wants you to see. Have you ever noticed how most modern police or spy shows depict government officials as benevolent, caring and doing the best for their people. In reality we know this to be a lie. Governments, rightwing, leftwing, "democratic", totalitarian, and religious have been engaged in the systematic domination of the bodies and minds of individuals since societies organized into nation states, empires and kingdoms. Modern despotism is now much easier for the destroyers of freedom. Mass media, government/ corporate propaganda, militarism and "trust" of government leaders has given more and more power, dominance and manipulation to the tyrant. Now modern man is his own worst ememy; the destroyer of his own liberties.

As a libertarian I cannot conceive that mankind are "depraved" or that "original sin" require the supression of indiviudal liberty and independent thought. I reject the notions of organized religion that man is a beast incapable of governing himself. I also reject the view of Hobbes that man's life is " nasty, brutish and short". Man, in my opinion, is not inately depraved. Mankind consists of individuals of varying degrees of morality and behavior. Some are immoral, evil and destructive of their fellow men ( mostly in governments), and some are kind, compassionate, honorable and respect the rights of their fellow men. Some are a mixture of both. Collectivism, despotism, cruelty and brutality are what corrupts and degrades a society. Collectivists claim that man needs strong government to make them obey "proper" authority, and ensure morality. This type of government is what creates and propagates depravity in man. Prison camps, torture, destruction of civil liberties, and mass murder are the results of collectivism of both the right and left. To maintain their power over their people, governments use propaganda, modern day entertainment, and religion for social conformity and control. In essence, they are encouraging you to take the blue pill.

My advice is unplug from our modern day "Matrix" and reject the blue pill, and instead, take the red pill. Wake up, tune in, and tune out your oppressors. Freedom awaits you.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Conservative Collectivists

The term "collectivist" or "collectivism" is usually reserved for communist, socialist or leftist politicians and their policies. It is true that collectivism is generally a left wing obsession, but not entirely. Conservatives, by that term I mean neoconservatives, monarchists, and power hungry right wing bureaucrats, are also collectivists. They truly hate indivdual liberty. One of their heroes, Edmund Burke, viewed society as "organic" and advocated the principle that the "swinish multitude", should follow the traditions of their forebearers. This anti-intellectual ideal, which bears no resemblence to the 18th century libertarian revolutionary tradition, has infected the modern Republican Party and those who call themselves conservatives. Conservatives here in the Bush era are the sworn enemies of liberty, individualism, and independent thought.

Ever since the 9/11 attacks America has devolved into a abyss of fear, aggression and despair. War in Iraq, invasions of civil liberties here at home, outright lying by our political leaders, and overt propaganda, have created a climate of fear that has allowed, what I call the Conservative Collectivist to arise. These collectivists are as dangerous as their leftists opponents, if not more so, since they hold the reins of power. Let's examine what the Conservative Collectivist stands for:

1) Blind Obedience to the Federal Government ( mostly meaning the President and the military)
2) Rabid 500% Patriotism, which means hatred of anyone who opposes the Iraq War, or disagrees with the President's policies
3) Worship of the Military
4) Glorification of War and the whipping up hatred for America's "enemies"
5)The passage of more and more laws that restrict the liberty and freedom of consenting adults within their personal lives ( abortion, marriage, drug use, etc)
6) A massive increase in public debt ( the National Debt is close to 8.2 TRILLION dollars)
7) The granting of government funds to religious groups in direct violation of the First Amendment, ie: Bush's Office of Faith Based Charity
8) Violating the Constitution by approving illegal and criminal wiretaps without probable cause, congressional oversight and keeping such activities secret from the American people

These are just a few of the crimes of the Conservative Collectivists that are running the USA.

Collectivism has two wings so to speak. One wing is left, the other right. Let's start with some examples of left wing collectivism:

Nazi Germany, USSR, Communist China, The Eastern Bloc during the Cold War, Vietnam, Cuba,North Korea, etc. In these nations the state becomes the all powerful and omnipotent organism. It creates secret police, political speech codes, massive standing armies, nationalized health care ( that provides shoddy or no care), mass poverty( except for the ruling class of oligarchs of the ruling political party), and abject slavery of the masses by prohibiting all private property.

Right Wing collectivists generally consist of dictators of the military or religious kind. Some examples include Iran, Syria, Pakistan, most Central American and South American nations, Russia,many African nations, Haiti, etc. In these nations the ruling elite also rules through secret police, military tribunals, labor and detention camps, government owned media, corporate-government alliances and complexes where corporations assist the despot in enslaving the people. The state is supreme and it's leader absolute.

What do these types of collectivism have in common? EVERYTHING. Domination, fear, aggression, death, slavery, and tyranny are the results of both sides of the collectivist coin.

It is sad to the see the USA falling into a combination of the two. Nationalized health care, the miltary industrial complex, high taxes, War, the chilling of free speech, and violence are sweeping across the United States. I have remarked in some of my other essays what will happen to the cause of liberty in the world if the USA is transformed into a full blown dictatorship. If this happens the world will be plunged into darkness.

We must stop the conservative collectivists here at home or the complete death of individual liberty will be ensured.

Collectivism's Cancerous Spread

Collectivism has spread rapidly throughout American society since the end of WWII and the victory of the military industrial complex over the libertarian impulses of our revolutionary tradition. Since the end of the Cold War we have seen conservatives replace their leftist rivals as the promotors of unlimited government. The fanatical religious wing of the Republican Party is consistantly calling for the "banning" of everything: Gay marriage, assisted suicide, abortion, women's rights, etc. These causes are then followed up with calls for the criminalization of adultery, making divorce more difficult, continuing the failed War on Drugs, supporting a "war of civilizations" against the Islamic world, a new form of the old Crusades, and repeated calls for placing Christianity in public schools. All of these "conservative" causes are a form of collectivism. In these causes the tribe, that is the religious tribe, is supreme. Their values are supreme. Individuals are irrelevant, and their ideas should be submerged into the collective. Assisting these religious conservatives are the neoconservatives. These men and women are very, very dangerous. They repeatedly call for the United States to "conquer" the Middle East, promote the interests of transnational corporations, establish military bases across the globe for "strategic dominance", and engage the USA in a war without end for "national greatness". These "conservative" collectivists are destroying the revolutionary ideals of America. The libertarian tradition of free trade, individual rights, personal liberty,privacy, and constitutional government is dying at the hands of these pyschopaths. Power, dominance,aggression, and greed will be promoted through the propaganda of TV, Right Wing Hate radio, and fanaticical religion. This is collectivism at it's finest. Hate, war, strong central government, and eventual slavery will be the outcome.

My dear reader, I leave you with this chilling remark from O' Brien, the fictional torturer of Winston Smith in George Orwell's book 1984: " Winston would you like to know what the future looks like? Imagine a boot stamping on a human face...forever."

Is this what YOU want?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Harry Browne, A Great Man

On March 1st, 2006 the great libertarian activist and prolific writer, Harry Browne died at the age of 72 from ALS. To me, Harry Browne was a colossus of liberty. Browne was a man of great intellect, soft spoken, kind and generous. He was always calm, cool and collected when debating any opponent, even such vile fascists as Sean Hannity. I can honestly say that Harry Browne was the one man who caused me to open my mind to new, and more increasingly radical ideas. His books like " How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World", "Why Government Doesn't Work" and "The Great Libertarian Offer" hold a special place in my book collection. Browne worked steadfastly for freedom, and in my humble opinion was one of it's most articulate and ardent proponents. To his wife Pamela and daughter Summer, I must say that I grieve with you. Your loss has touched my heart. I hope that Harry is spreading his message of liberty on the "other side".

Harry, you will be missed.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Facsist States of America

I am now convinced that the United States of America, the great Republic, the land of liberty, the "beacon of freedom", as we know it ,is dead. Our country should no longer be called the United States of America. The name should be changed to the Fascist States Of America. If I sound disheartened, I am. After the recent revelations about warrantless spying, perpetual war in Iraq, phony terror plots
(the LA Library Tower), and Scooter Libby's recent testimony revealing the lies of Vice President Cheney, I see the former American Republic sliding into a truly fascist state.

Here is a list of the crimes, yes crimes, against the liberty of the American people and the principles of the Founding Fathers:

1) A undeclared aggressive foreign war
2) Congressional acts ( the Patriot Act) that violate our constitutional rights
3) Free Speech Zones at public events
4) NSA spying on American citizens without lawful authority
5) Endorsement by the American government of torture
6) Holding American citizens without lawful authority and without charges (Padilla)
7)Holding countless foreign citizens in detention camps
8)Eavesdropping on criminal suspects and violating attorney-client privilege
9) Allowing corporations like Halliburton to be awarded government contracts without any bidding ( due to the relationship with the VP, no doubt)
10) Sending young men and women to die in the sands of the MIddle East to further the political agendas of the neoconservative movement
11) WAR, WAR and more WAR

My list could go on and on. War is NEVER a good thing. Sometimes it is necessary for self defense or revolution, like the American Revolution, but war itself is sickening. War is death, mayhem, brutality, hatred, and barbarism. All human beings, regardless of race, religion or gender are entitled to liberty and freedom. Liberty of person is a basic human need like food, clothing, shelter, and sleep. Even animals love their own liberty. Put an animal in a cage and they will do anything to escape. Liberty is under extreme assault in America by fascistic conservatives who love order, power and domination. Yes, yes leftists are no different, but the left is not in power right now, and this administration is taking the assault on freedom to new heights on a daily basis.

If we continue to be led like cattle and beast of burden, if we continue to be brainwashed by propaganda, America in 10-15 years will be unrecognizable. We need to stop drooling in front of our TV, foaming at the mouth listening to right wing hate radio, and embrace the principles of the American Revolution.

I will leave you dear reader with what I believe is a very profound quote from Thomas Jefferson:

" The care of human life and happiness, and not it's destruction, are the only legitimate objects of good government."

Monday, January 16, 2006

Domestic Lying, Spying and ...Dictatorship

The admission of President Bush about violating the US Constitution, and authorizing illegal wiretaps without a warrant really brings the corruption and political depravity to a pinnacle in my mind. Here we have the President claiming that he, and he alone, has the right to determine what laws to obey and which to discard. This dangerous and ominous idea is being rabidly defended by the conservative facsist right. Their Emperor has spoken, and for them when the high exaulted executive speaks, the rabble must be silent. What a tragedy to watch a once vibrant and libertarian leaning political party like the Republican Party sink into being obsessed with one man government and imperial authority. Although the Republicans always had big government tendencies, the War On Terror has brought the full dominance of the neo-conservatives and their ilk. These supposed "conservatives" are really fascists who love war, world hegemony and power. The "Old Republic" is indeed dead, or at least dying.

Demonic Cabal

The cabal that occupies the American government is indeed demonic. Not in a superstitous religious sense, but in a philosophical one. These power mad men are willing to shred the US Constitution and it's protections to suit their evil needs. Spying on Americans, whether domestic or internationally, is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. These wiretaps were done without any authority of law and at the whim of the President. If these acts had no basis in law, they are in fact extra legal and criminal. Americans need to wake up are realize that the building blocks of a growing police state are coming to fruition. Whats next, warrantsless searches of homes without any probable cause or evidence of a crime? Or maybe using one of the BUsh favorites on the American people, torture. You know, when some poor guy or gal is arrested for a crime, state or federal, forget about all those niceties like constitutional rights, Miranda Admonishments, and the right to counsel. Instead let's just toss people in prison and subject them to physical and mental torture. Maybe we can cut off some toes or fingers, or maybe elctrocution might be better...hmmm. Do you see where this dark line of thought takes us? It takes us down a road of tyranny and despotism, which in turn leads to barbarism.

Fire the Liars

We MUST WAKE UP! All of these liars in the federal government MUST be impeached, fired and criminally indicted. These men are nothing more than criminals and thugs witha n army and burgeoning police state apparatus at their disposal. Forget labels like liberal and conservative, right and left, and instead lets look it square in the face; it is a battle between good and evil, light and dark. President Bush and his ilk have committed one violation of the Consititution after another and we continue to do nothing! Bush, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, et al need to be fired from their jobs and replaced by men and women of courage who love not only their country, but liberty itself.