Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Nihlism of the Left

The American "Left" is a hodgepodge of groups from Democratic Socialists to outright Stalininsts and Maoists. Some "vanguard" groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party, run by hard core Maoist Bob Avakian literally despise the United States, it's classical liberal foundations, and wish to overthrow "capitalism". On their website they fire up the flames of racial and group conflict, ethnic hate ( against Euro-Americans) and call on the "masses" to form a revolutionary communist state. The fraud of the ideology of socialism and communism is apparent when it is recognized for what it is: and elitist philosophy where professed love for the masses is used as a front for the aquisition of power, paving the way for the "dictatorship of the proletariat". Why people "freeing" themselves need a dictator at all is a dichotomy that is ironically left out. What we will examine in this essay is the nihlistic mindset of the "left". We will examine their hate,mass murder, group idendity politics, and anti-free market economic policies.

The despotism of the Old World, of which Karl Marx was a member, was a despotism of centralized government, state economic controls, state religion, and feudalism.This Old World philosophy is in complete contravention to the ideals of the Enlightenment which brought us classical liberalism, free enterprise, respect for human rights and progress.

Ethnic Cleansing of "Class Enemies" and races

American Leftists are constantly berating and condemning the United States as a "racist", "sexist", "homophobe" nation founded by "dead white males". This is where the left's political and cultural bigotry comes to the forefront. What they really hate is the concept of liberty itself and natural rights as expressed by America's Founders. Leftists are incredibly racist and hateful people motivated by a corrupt and hateful philosophy. America's Founders with all of their flaws are still the greatest proponents of human liberty. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine and other great classical liberals were believers in individual liberty, free trade, human rights, enlightenment, and peace. Leftists hate the Founders for several reasons. Reason one is that they were white males. This is an example of leftist racism and prejudice. Reason two is the leftist love of collectivism, violence, and cultural upheaval. There so many other reasons that this essay would not be able to deliniate them all. Leftists love to claim that America's Founders committed "genocide" against "people of color". American Indians are painted as benevolent utopians living off the land until "whitey" came along. There were clearly atrocities on both sides. Colonists and Indians brutally murdered each other savagely, betrayed treaties, and committed acts of mayhem. American Indian tribes were really statist governments who ruled over their own people tyrannically. They also made war on other tribes, butchered them and kept the women and children as slaves and concubines. Let us now examine the Leftist "ethnic cleansing" and murder of idigenous people around the world:

Soviet Union: Kulaks, Cossacks, Armenians,Ukrainians,Volga Germans,Baltic peoples, Finns,Poles and other numerous minorities were starved, enslaved on collective farms, and had their property stolen by the Soviet state. Mass murder was the norm for many of these people such as the Kulaks and Cossacks. An estimated 70 MILLION people died at the hands of these human demons in the USSR. Anti-Semetism was rampant in the USSR, and Jews suffered massive repression at the hands of the "worker's paradise". Whole peoples were labeled " reactionary races" and "counter revolutionaries".

China: Tibetans were enslaved after the 1950 invasion of Tibet by China. Their national culture was annhilated. Buddhist monastaries, and other items of national culture were suppressed. Tibetans are forbidden to speak Tibetan, and forcibily taught Chinese in school. Ethnic Chinese have been imported to further erode what is left of Tibetan culture. Tibetans have been subjected to slavery, mass murder, and occupation now for 56 years. So much for caring about "indigenous peoples".

Peru: The Maoist guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso ( The Shining Path) in their occupied zones committed crimes against indeginous indians by forcing them on collective farms, banning any dissent and committing terrorism against the populace. Prostitutes had their heads shaved, unfaithful husbands were whipped publically, dogs and cats were hung from lamposts to terrorize the populace. Mass murder was frequently used against villagers who attempted to vote in peruvian elections.

Cambodia: The murderous regime of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot murdered 3,000,000 people in death camps throughout Cambodia. People were killed for "smiling too much", "being an intellectual", a "class enemy", "rich", "formenting counter revolution", or being a "peasant".

Eastern Europe: In all of the Eastern European states ethnic minorities were terrorized, their culture supressed, and their homelands absorbed into the parent state. Moldovia into the USSR, parts of Poland to the USSR, parts of Germany to Poland, Yugoslavia, a mishmash of ethnic rivalies,clans and races. All of these people were crushed by the sickle and hammer. Only now are they starting to recover their nationalities.

In Cuba Fidel Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara used terrorism, murder, and brutality to create a "people's republic". Guevara was particularly brutal. He was closed minded ( as all Marxists are), arrogant, and fanatical. Guevara had no qulams about murdering opponents of Castro and the "people's revolution". So much for caring about the "proletariat". Guevara was also very racist. He called blacks "indolent" as a race, and denegrated Mexicans and other Indian races.

In Nepal, a "people's war" against the corrupt monarchy has resulted in the murder, torture and genocide against innocent Nepalis. The Maoist movement in Nepal controls large parts of the countryside where free enterprise, private property, and civil liberties are non-existant under the "dictatorship of the proletariat".

These are just a few examples of the hypocrisy, savagery, and genocide committed by leftist regimes. Sadly many young American "useful idiots" are the biggest supporters of Marxism and socialist thought. You can see these tragic figures at anti-war protests, waving the red banner, the sickle and hammer, and numerous hate filled signs denouncing whites, America, or capitalism. What is also sad is that many of these young people will be the first to go their deaths in a communist revolution. Lenin used anarchists, social democrats, and other socialist parties to forment the Bolshevik Revolution. Once the revolution was over most went to labor camps and eventually to their deaths.

What must we do as libertarians? As I have stated in other essays we must forment radicalism for liberty, free thought and free enterprise. THe nihlism of leftism must be exposed. Freedom must be cultivated in the minds of the masses. The slave mentality must be eradicated. We must instill a univerasal love of liberty and brotherhood amongst people. Class, race, ethnicity, religion, and all other divisive catagories must be exposed as tools to divide and conquer people. Liberty needs to become the organizing principle of society and eventually the world. Without liberty, life is really a dreary thing. Without liberty,freedom and democracy cannot survive. Let's all work together to bring peace, liberty and democracy to the world.

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