Saturday, January 24, 2009

Agorist Society

In light of the recent plundering of the American people by Wall Street, I have come to embrace full Agorist left libertarian theory. Although I have always sympathized with agorism, I never fully embraced it. I have now. I just recently re-read the New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel E. Konkin. Konkin outlines a society of total liberty and market anarchism with no official state. He develops the revolutionary theory of undermining the current corrupt statist world we live in by what he calls grey and black markets. These markets bypass the traditional state by by refusing to participate in the system of taxes, regulations, and laws. Instead arbitration, mediation and restitution is encouraged to develop a new paradigm.

Before you become shocked by my embracing a form of revolutionary anarchism, let me clarify. I am not advocating the mindless,nihilistic,left wing anarchist block that beats people, and destroys private property. What I am embracing is the power of markets and the end of the coercive power of the centralized state. Anarchism, especially in small societies is quite possible. In this agorist anarchist society, you can associate however you like. Voluntary socialist communes, individual "off the grid" living, and normal city style living is all acceptable. What is paramount is freedom and liberty.

Agorism is much better than what we currently have. The old libertarian republic of Jefferson is dead. We live in an Empire. The Empire will fall some day, probably sooner than we think, and something must fill the void. Statist communists, fascists, and bureaucratic elites will be scrambling to reconstitute the Empire, each in their own way. We must be prepared to fill that void with either agorist anarchism, several new libertarian republics,or even though a long shot, the old Jeffersonian Republic. I would like advice and cooperation from you, my readers. We need to start now. We need to organize cells of peaceful proponents of liberty, and develop a revolutionary strategy for agorism. I welcome any and all constructive comments. In future essays, I will explore agorism in it's entirety. We will compare it with Marxism, Fascism, and Conservatism.

In the mean time, pay attention to the news. 2009 is going to be a very rough year. Look for more devastation in the economic realm. Look for inflation, deflation, and larger and larger unemployment. Prepare yourself. Pay off any or if you can, all debt. Also pay specific attention to the increasing power of the Federal government. The Federal government is the biggest threat to our liberty. The new Emperor, President Obama, has proposed spending 1.2 trillion dollars to "save" the economy. He wants to create a new "New Deal" as FDR did during the Great Depression. This is exactly what should not be done. We must prepare ourselves. Tough times are ahead. As for now, in the slogan of the agorist movement AGORISM, ANARCHY, ACTION, NOW!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Coronation of the Emperor

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Family business to attend to. Now that things have slowed down, I'm back. This essay will be short and to the point, but my future ones will get into some more heavy issues and historical topics.

Well, tomorrow is the coronation of the new Emperor. The pomp, parades, glitter, celbrities (royalty), etc all for one man. A disgusting display in a supposed democratic republic. Perfect for an empire. 2009 is going to be a bad year folks. I hate being the bringer of bad news, but it is. If you think the economy is bad now, just wait until Emperor Obama and the Imperial Congress get done with more bailouts and inflated fiat money. I fully expect the US National Debt to balloon to well over 20 trillion before Obama leaves office in eight years. Yes, eight years, because I fully see him being re-elected by the serfs.

Prepare yourself for more government tyranny also. I expect to see price controls, bank holidays and possibly a seizure of 401K accounts by the Emperor's Congress. I also expect Emperor Obama will not end the war in Iraq, nor will be get us out of any country we are currently in. I also think a military draft is coming along with Obama's tyrannical civilian "volunteer" corps.

Prepare yourself. Protect your assets, if you can. Invest in precious metals and send your money overseas. Prepare yourself for the Emperor's New Amerika.