Monday, April 09, 2012

Yesterday's Radicals as today's Conservative

Are you a conservative? If your answer is yes, what do you wish conserve? If it is limited government, freedom, individual liberty, then you are what I would call a Jeffersonian Conservative. What this means is that you are a person who wishes to "conserve" the above principles of the radicals of the American Revolution and the Revolution of 1800, a Jeffersonian Revolution.

Now, I am not talking about Neo-Conservatives whose main hero is monarchist Edmund Burke. I am talking about a conservative who wishes to perserve the principles of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Taylor of Caroline, etc. Men who believed in radical notions of individual liberty, freedom on conscience, republican government,low taxes, and were against standing armies. These principles are true conservatism. They are the antithesis of what the Neo-Cons are today and a total 360 from the modern leftist liberals and Democrats of today.

I am talking about yesterday's radical principles as today's conservative values.
Honest people can disagree about gay marriage, abortion, crime and other so called "conservative" issues. The ultimate goal is the preservation of liberty and the thwarting of despotism.

Hold your head high. Be a conservative, but be a Jeffersonian Conservative, that is, one who wishes to conserve the limited government, freedom oriented society created by our forefathers.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Coming Back

Hi all. This blog will be coming back online soon. Had some personal issues to deal with. See you all soon.


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Collectivism and Religion-The Bane of the Human Mind

Collectivism and organized religion are the bane of the human mind. Religion is collectivism and collectivism is a religion. They are symbiotic twins that feed on their host...the human mind.

From the Pagan Mayans, Aztecs, to the Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian sects, and Jewish and Islamic religions, collectivism has been the linchpin holding these pious frauds together. All of these organized religions preach self-sacrifice for the tribe, and slavery of the mind. It matters not whether it is a Mayan priest sarificing a young child, the Catholic Holy Inquisition with it's burnings, or modern day Islamic suicide bombers, hatred of the self and exahaltation of the tribe and collective are paramount.

Collectivism is insidious because it enslaves the mind. It creates mental slavery,passivity, and eventually self destruction.

The enemies of collectivism and religion have paved the way for us. Many of these heretics paid with their lives. Many were tortured but in the long run their revolt against ancient superstition has led the way for enlightenment and science. Men like Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Copernicus, Spinoza, Paine, Jefferson, Bakunin, all doubted the belief in faith over reason and science. All have contributed to the birth of modernity and the rejection of the ancient world.

Modern day collectivism is just as dangerous. It is full of right wing and left wing statists and facsists. Leftist collectivists want to control your economic life, tax you to death,confiscate your wealth and give it to the non productive. Right wing collectivists support Banksters, corporations,globalists,and the wealthy elite over the masses. Both hate freedom.

Collectivism is a dangerous fraud, and collectivists dangerous people. To the collectivists, whether religious or secular, independent thought,questioning authority, and speaking out are forms of mental illness. Obedience is demanded by the collectivist, usually at the end of a barrel of a gun.

Religion, whether secular or superstitious, destroys the human mind and annhilates critical thinking.Take a stand. Think for yourself. Reject religion, and collectivism. Save humanity from these ancient evils!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Break the Chains that Bind You!

Break the chains that bind you! Governments, organized religions, corporations, social pressures, and most of all, you own mind, are holding you back!

We all only have one go around in this life. Enjoy it. Strive, and be free. Don't wait for some metaphysical afterlife. If there isn't one, you'll have wasted the only life you have being chained by the things I delineated above. Throughout history human beings have allowed themselves to be ruled by aristocracies, monarchies, nobles, and collectivists. Now it is our time! Liberate yourself first, before you try to liberate the world.

Day in and day out, we are bombarded with messages telling us to conform, obey, and follow our "leaders." Fuck that! Learn about yourself. Find out what makes YOU happy. Cast aside all of the petty tyrants at home, work, or in political office that want you to do what THEY want. They are the selfish ones. They want you to give up your mind and life. Don't buy it. It is pure snake oil. Reject these charlatans for the frauds they are.

Long Live liberty! Long Live Freedom! Long Live YOUR LIFE!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seize back the Tax Revolt

We, as radical libertarians need to seize back the tax revolt, and Tea Party protests. Increasingly, the tax revolt movement is being infiltrated and absorbed by the GOP and the neoconservative right. These folks are not libertarians, and love big government,and high taxes to support their welfare/warfare state. Huge standing armies, worldwide military bases and occupations, and massive defensive spending is as bad, if not worse than welfare spending at home.

The GOP is full of frauds (outside of Ron Paul)and is nothing more than the other side of the coin on the corrupt Left/Right spectrum. I encourage all libertarians to form your own organizations, maybe call them Liberty Rallies, and take back the freedom movement. I have never supported the union with the Right proposed by many libertartians. The Right is just as much the enemy of liberty as the left.

Let organize, protest,and make some noise. Rally to the cause of liberty and the 10th Amendment and leave the Tea Party in the dust.

The real Tea Party was a revolutionary act, not the act of old, declaying neoconservatives with tea bags in their hands!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jefferson and Corporations

Thomas Jefferson was a great and complex man. One of his greatest insights was his insight into the evil and immorality of private banking. Jefferson saw banks as evil, money hungry institutions that would destroy the liberty and independence of the common laborer. He knew that large concentrations of material wealth in society would result in the domination of the American Republic and the creation of a class of wage slaves.

Although Jefferson was not a socialist, he definately was not a modern "free market" capitalist in which the state takes no role in the economy. Jefferson was for limited government and yet at the same time for control of corporations such as banks, and other monopolies. He rightly predicted that banking corporations were going to impoverish and deplete the American people of their hard earned money and liberty through fractional reserve banking,fraudulent lending, and monopoly charters.

The Iron Heel I described in my earlier post is the very thing Jefferson warned us about. Massive corporations taking over the government, through lobbying (bribery), and by placing these bribed politicians into the halls of Congress. Once this happened, economic slavery was inevitable. If the American people don't wake up soon, we will as Jefferson stated wake up "homeless on the continent our fathers conquered."

Right now the Iron Heel is hard at work destroying the American worker through phony "free trade" agreements,monopoly banking,big government, high taxation, massive inflation of the dollar, and the increasing miltarization of the police.

God help us all if the Iron Heel takes over the country completely.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Iron Heel

Jack London's obscure work "The Iron Heel" is a book about a socialist revolution against a tyrannical government run by "the Oligarchy." This "Oligarchy" is a government run by huge corporations, trusts, and powerful wealthy interests. Although based on a socialist revolution, it is a great novel and very appropriate to today.

Today we are controlled by a powerful mass media made up of huge, powerful and wealthy corporations. They are augmented by a enormous military-industrial complex which is fed by death, and destruction across the globe. The US Congress and Executive branch are controlled by these multi and transnational corporations, including the military industrial complex. The people we elect are nothing more than figureheads doing the bidding of bankers, industrialists, and other swindlers who feed from the public trough.

Where are we, the American people, left? Out in the cold I'm afraid. Our nation is not the beacon of liberty and freedom it once was. Now,we are a nation of conquerors and warmongers, who create new enemies as fast as we vanquish the previous ones.

Today, we stand on precipice. If the defenders and champions of liberty, and justice do not rise up, we will soon be consumed by the evil forces ruling our world.

If you haven't read it already I suggest you read Jack London's "Iron Heel." London was very perceptive and a man far ahead of his time. He saw our republic consumed by Big Business and corporate power. We must stop the "Iron Heel" before it is too late!