Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jefferson and Corporations

Thomas Jefferson was a great and complex man. One of his greatest insights was his insight into the evil and immorality of private banking. Jefferson saw banks as evil, money hungry institutions that would destroy the liberty and independence of the common laborer. He knew that large concentrations of material wealth in society would result in the domination of the American Republic and the creation of a class of wage slaves.

Although Jefferson was not a socialist, he definately was not a modern "free market" capitalist in which the state takes no role in the economy. Jefferson was for limited government and yet at the same time for control of corporations such as banks, and other monopolies. He rightly predicted that banking corporations were going to impoverish and deplete the American people of their hard earned money and liberty through fractional reserve banking,fraudulent lending, and monopoly charters.

The Iron Heel I described in my earlier post is the very thing Jefferson warned us about. Massive corporations taking over the government, through lobbying (bribery), and by placing these bribed politicians into the halls of Congress. Once this happened, economic slavery was inevitable. If the American people don't wake up soon, we will as Jefferson stated wake up "homeless on the continent our fathers conquered."

Right now the Iron Heel is hard at work destroying the American worker through phony "free trade" agreements,monopoly banking,big government, high taxation, massive inflation of the dollar, and the increasing miltarization of the police.

God help us all if the Iron Heel takes over the country completely.

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Unknown said...

Very nice, I like what you have to say man. Are you just a Libertarian? I ask this because the other week, I was at an Objectivist meeting and I heard someone say he was a Jeffersonian....I was wondering if you know a site that clearly expresses what that means, or if there's a official political party site for people who are Jeffersonians?? I tried looking myself and found it extremely difficult. Thanks, and keep up the good writing :-)