Monday, February 15, 2010

The Iron Heel

Jack London's obscure work "The Iron Heel" is a book about a socialist revolution against a tyrannical government run by "the Oligarchy." This "Oligarchy" is a government run by huge corporations, trusts, and powerful wealthy interests. Although based on a socialist revolution, it is a great novel and very appropriate to today.

Today we are controlled by a powerful mass media made up of huge, powerful and wealthy corporations. They are augmented by a enormous military-industrial complex which is fed by death, and destruction across the globe. The US Congress and Executive branch are controlled by these multi and transnational corporations, including the military industrial complex. The people we elect are nothing more than figureheads doing the bidding of bankers, industrialists, and other swindlers who feed from the public trough.

Where are we, the American people, left? Out in the cold I'm afraid. Our nation is not the beacon of liberty and freedom it once was. Now,we are a nation of conquerors and warmongers, who create new enemies as fast as we vanquish the previous ones.

Today, we stand on precipice. If the defenders and champions of liberty, and justice do not rise up, we will soon be consumed by the evil forces ruling our world.

If you haven't read it already I suggest you read Jack London's "Iron Heel." London was very perceptive and a man far ahead of his time. He saw our republic consumed by Big Business and corporate power. We must stop the "Iron Heel" before it is too late!

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