Saturday, October 03, 2009

Deism-The way to God and Liberty

I am currently reading Thomas Paine's great expose' on organized religion, The Age of Reason. Since I am already a Deist, Mr. Paine is preaching to the choir. In the book, Paine shows how the Creator can be found, not in a man made book, but rather, in the world and universe around us.

He demolishes the lies and fabrications of the Bible like a surgeon with a scalpel. He clearly lays out the superstition, fear,violence and pornography the Bible is made up of. He also reminds us that the books of the Bible were voted on by councils of the ancient Roman Catholic Church. Many were rejected as not being "divinely inspired" and others were added for the same reason. The Bible has been used for 2,000 years to enslave and keep people docile and ignorant. Deism, on the other hand, liberates mans mind and encourages him to use the reason God has given him.

Deism and libertarian beliefs are highly compatible. Deism promotes reason, rationality, and open mindedness, as does much, but not all, of liberatiaran thought.
Deists like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Paine all contributed to the first nation (United States) to reject state sponsored religion, and allow freedom of conscience. Deists were usually in the forefront of promoting religious liberty, repeal of blasphemy and "blue" laws, repeal of religious distinctions for voting, and a belief in the brotherhood of mankind.

"Revealed" religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all promote the belief that only THEY have the way to God and truth. Their "holy" books all are rife with contridictions, and absurdities. All have have some kind of special priesthood, who of course have a direct connection to the Creator of the Universe. This "priest craft" as it was called by Jefferson and Paine, has an agenda. The agenda is power, domination, and the fleecing of the ignorant. They all pit their faiths against each other, yet all claim to worship the same God! In Christianity alone, there are thousands of denominations, all whom hate and revile each other over dogmas usually incomprehensible to them all.

Deism frees the mind and allows one to appreciate the Creator without dogma, doctrine, or rules. This is the liberty that Deism provides to one who sees the beauty, and awesomeness of the Universe and the power of the Creator's design. From the smallest atoms, DNA, to the largest galaxy, there is an order to the Universe of an intelligent design.

We also must recognize that the Creator has implanted in each creature on Earth the desire to be free. Neither animals or humans like having their freedom or liberty taken away. This love of liberty exists in people, except the ones that crave power, like sociopaths and dictators.

Beware of organized religion and the lie it promotes telling you that you are "worthless", a "sinner", "evil", or "flawed." All such ideas are meant to control and dominate you. Embrace Deism and a path to God and Liberty.

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