Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New American Revolution,Part 2: Bloodbath

In this post I will explore the potential results of a new revolution in America. Several years ago, I read a very thought provoking and frightening book called, Civil War 2 by author, Thomas Chittum. Chittum, an ex US Green Beret and a mercenary in the Yugoslavian civil war of the late 1990's, has been criticized as a racist, and fascist, of which he is neither. He is excoriated because he points out the glaring corruption and financial tyranny of the elite that rule this country. He also shows how these elites have eviscerated the principles of strict construction of the US Constitution, and have created a militarily powerful, yet very unstable and eventually unsustainable, empire. He shows how the American Republic has died and been replaced by the American Empire. Let's examine what has happened to the Republic.


Since the mid 1960's immigration, both legal and illegal, has transformed a once majority white society (90%), to a multi ethnic and multicultural nation. America once had a solid European culture. America was born out of the western tradition of the European Enlightenment which literally brought modern civilization to the world.
Separation of church and state, freedom of speech, freedom of association, negative liberty (freedom from coercive government), are all a result of the Anglo-American tradition. Most European minorities like Italians, Russians, Poles, Germans,French Swedes, Dutch, Greeks, Swiss, and Portuguese have easily assimilated into the Anglo-American tradition since the early 1900's. Immigrants since the 1965 Immigration Act have not done so well. Pakistanis, Afghans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Laotian, Haitians, Cubans, Africans, Chinese, Mexicans and other ethnicities have poured into America. With the implementation of tyrannical affirmative action laws, these groups have clamored for an even bigger piece of the American pie, at the expense of European-Americans,who have been forced to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Most of the people come from nations with little or no historical tradition of liberty. The concept of individual liberty is a WESTERN ideal, and is not found among most other societies in the world. Since the Civil Rights era of the 1960's, laws instilling group rights, group identity, and frankly anti-white hate have permeated our culture. Affirmative Action, Quotas, Set Asides,and other "equal opportunity" laws have been passed with terrible results for us all. College campuses are hotbeds of leftism and cultural Marxism, and instill in young European Americans guilt, and shame, for crimes they have NEVER committed. Young whites are taught to feel eternally guilty for the crimes of whites in the past, and to believe that all minorities deserve jobs, promotions, and respect, no matter what. This has not completely worked. Many whites harbor deep resentment and hatred for these programs, but are afraid to speak out so as to prevent losing their jobs. Should there be a new revolution, complete with starvation, unemployment, gang warfare, and anarchy, the whites, who are still a majority, will certainly end up in mortal combat with most other "minorities." This bodes ill for us all.

Growing Centralization of Power

Every day more and more power is being centralized in the Federal government. Gun control laws, central economic planning, federal mandates on the states, and the growth of the power of federal law enforcement, are now the norm. The US military is planning for operations in the US. Along with mercenaries like Blackwater Corp, the US is being prepared for the militarization of our society. State and local police forces are already beholden to the federal government for funds and training.
Federal prosecutors and their friends in the lifetime appointed judiciary already show little respect for constitutional restrictions in the 4th, 5th or 6th amendments. Of course the Federal Reserve's massive financial authority and "contraction and expansion" of the American economy

Secessionist Movements

Fortunately, some states are starting to stand up to the US government. The state of Montana is preparing to nullify unconstitutional federal gun control laws. Secessionist movements exist in Vermont, New Hampshire, California, Montana, Hawaii, Maine, South Carolina, and Texas. Although they seemed laughable just a few years ago, these movements are gaining in popularity. Many Americans are tired of Washington, DC dictating to them. As the economy spirals out of control and the Federal Reserve contracts the money supply, we will see the advent of another depression causing many states who rely of the Federal Government to rethink that relationship.

Assault on America's Foundations

America was born out of a violent, radical revolution. All of the silly arguments from statist historians about it being a "conservative" revolution are totally absurd. The American Revolution was a revolution of libertarian principles against power. In every colony from 1765 to 1776, the mass of the people rose up against the elite. Led by radical voluntary associations like the Sons of Liberty, radical leaders like Samuel Adams, and sheer determination, the authority of the British government was literally destroyed in America. The Boston Tea Party, the burning of the British warship Gaspee, destruction of the homes of royal officials' homes, tarring and feathering of Tories, and the nullification of royal authority (Stamp Act,nonimportation agreements, etc) all contributed to the destruction of British government. Is this what is in store for the Federal Government? Chittum thinks so, but now with an ethnically diverse nation losing it's identity, massive violence is sure to follow. along with the tribalism that goes with "multicultural" societies. The old Soviet Union comes to mind. A nation of many ethnicities and races all thrown together at the end of a bayonet. Once the power structure began to crumble, there was no commonality to hold it together. Is this our future?

Political Correctness

Along with the above issues is the tyrannical glue that holds them all together: political correctness. This evil philosophy is the enemy of free speech, thought, and association,especially if your white. Political correctness if the cause of tyrannical "equal opportunity", "sexual harassment", affirmative action. These laws, and policies are intended to silence debate, and consider you guilty until proven innocent. They are normally used towards whites. This leftist abomination considers only whites racist, even though every culture and society has racism, or prejudice in it. In my experience, I have found many "minorities" that I have met very racist. They freely make fun of whites, and quickly label a white person racist if something doesn't go their way. This freedom hating philosophy has wormed it's way into every facet of our society, especially universities. Men like Jefferson, Washington, Madison, and other great men are tossed as aside as "dead white males." It has caused millions of young people, mainly whites, to be woefully ignorant of American history.

America is headed for big trouble. All of the points I have outlined above should show that. The real question is...will you survive it?

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