Sunday, June 28, 2009

An American Revolution?

Since October 2008 the American people have been fleeced of nearly 10 TRILLION dollars. This astronomical amount of money has gone to banks,and auto companies. When the economy and stock market first started falling apart in late October 2008, every chicken little on CNBC, CNN, FOX and in the Congress were calling on the federal government to bailout the banking and finance industry. We were told that if this did not happen, revolution, martial law, and a meltdown of our society would occur. Well...10 TRILLION dollars later, are we better off? NO! Hundreds of banks have went under, GM and Chrysler are bankrupt, and unemployment is rapidly rising. State governments, particularly here in California, are bankrupt and out of money. So what gives? Why are we worse off?

We are worse off because the money stolen from the American people was not intended to help people with their mortgages,or make credit easier. Instead the Federal Reserve has printed money with abandon and the banking corporations have seen us, the taxpayer, as their permenent piggy bank! This combination of business and government is creating a fascist state all wrapped up in the red, white and blue. If we don't disband the Federal Reserve, get our troops out of all the quagmires they are in around the globe, and toss out the whole corrupt bunch of politicians in Washington, DC,there will nothing left of America. America is teetering on the brink of revolution.

Think about the French Revolution. Why was it so violent? Why did it degenerate into massive violence? Well, first off the French monarchy was absolutist and corrupt. A massive royal bureaucracy and the powerful Catholic Church kept the people down through poverty, ignorance, and violence. When the revolution overthrew the king, and the bureaucracy, the pent up rage of the masses created a whirlwind of violence and destruction until the moderates took charge in 1795. Is America exempt from this? Are we similar to the French government? The answer is YES!

Our government is totally corrupt. The U.S. Congress is owned lock, stock and barrel by big business and banks. We, the American people mean very little to the politicians. These politicians are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. A new American revolution will make the French Revolution look like a child's birthday party. We are a mixture of ethnicities, races, religions, and socio-economic classes. This mixture is very volitile. If a revolution comes, one must be wary of a Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot coming to power instead of a Jefferson, Paine, or Madison.

American politicians need to wake up. Disembowel the Federal Reserve, bring the troops home, and restore constitutional government. Only then will America recover from this depression we are in, and maybe, just maybe, the politicians will save their skins.

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