Friday, September 28, 2007

Preparation for the Coming Dictatorship

Be wary of the future. The Bush Administration and it's globalist allies have something planned for America and the world: Dictatorship. Martial Law is coming. Ominous signs are in the news everyday. In this essay we will review these signs and their implications.

The continuation of the Iraq war, the abolition of habeus corpus, the arrest of protesters at the President's speaking engagements, etc, all point to a growing police state mindset that is rapid devouring any remaining respect for the US Constitution or the precepts of Anglo-American libertarian principles. Should another terrorist attack occur in the United States, especially one with mass casualties, the USA will become a dictatorship similar the one in Burma. Military law and occupation will be the result, all in the name of "protecting" Americans from "terrorists". The real terrorists are the politicians who support these fascistic policies, the neoconservatives fanatics, religious zealots in the Republican Party, and the cowardly leftist Democrats who are either unable or unwilling to fight for liberty in America.

Look at our country: we have the highest prison population of any nation on Earth, we have daily reports of police brutality and a creeping mindset that the military can do no wrong. This mindset is ruining our republic.

My advice to you, dear reader, is prepare yourself. The dictatorship is coming, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.