Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Tyranny of Romans 13

As a follow up to last week's conversation with a religious statist, I am going to look at the reason such a person would give up his own reason and common sense and be so worshipful and obedient to tyrannical authorities. Although it will seem as if I am only picking on Christianity, that is not the case. All monotheistic religions tend toward authoritarianism. Islam, Judaism and Christianity all share the same God, whether Christians want to believe that or not. In a future essay, I will deal with the tyranny of Islam and it's injunction of obedience to government. These essays will not be politically correct.

Here is Romans 13 in it's entirety:

Let everyone obey the authorities that are over him, for there is no authority except from God and all authority that exists is established by God.

As a consequence, the man who opposes authority rebels against the ordinance of God; those who resist thus draw condemnation down upon themselves. Rulers cause no fear when a man does what is right but only when his conduct is evil. Do you wish to be free from the fear of authority? Do what is right and you will gain it's approval, for the ruler is God's servant to work for good. Only if you do wrong ought you to be afraid. It is not without purpose that the ruler carries the sword; he is God's servant, to inflict his avenging wrath upon the wrongdoer. You must obey then, not only to escape punishment but also for conscience sake. You pay taxes for the same reason, magistrates being God's ministers who devote themselves to his service with unremitting care. Pay each one his due: taxes to who taxes are due; toll to whom toll is due; respect and honor to everyone who deserves them.

This is the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings, which kept millions enslaved until the American and French Revolutions broke the door for rebellion wide open. According to the Bible, the Founders and all who rebelled against the English king were not only traitors, but condemned to Hell! This is a doctrine of slavery. It places government, which has nothing to do with God, on a pedestal. If you really wanted to be strict about it, this must mean that the Russian Czars, Hitler, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc, were appointed by God! What a contrived ideal. This ideal only serves the state and ruling elites! Reject this doctrine.

I am a Taoist. I follow the ideal that there is a cosmic mystery, but that God, is within you. God and evil are within you, real truth does not come from the outside, but from within. I do not say this to convert you to my belief system, I only say this to show you that not all religious beliefs are tyrannical and irrational. You must find your own truth. One truth, I think all human beings share deep down is a desire to be free and a love of liberty. Embrace this desire and make the world a better place.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Conversation with a Religious Statist

Recently, I had a conversation with a religious statist. We were talking about the current economic mess we were in. He, of course is a religious conservative, Republican, and believer in a "strong" government. He informed me that the reason we are in such bad shape is because Americans have "rejected" God. He further related that in retribution, God was placing evil men in power to govern us. Since I am a rationalist and a Deist, I of course, have a differing opinion. I related to him that I thought America needed a peaceful revolution and organized resistance to government taxes, and banking policies, that were destroying the livelihood of Americans and their children.

I pointed out that we were under no obligation to be slaves to our government, that they don't own us, and that each person has a natural, unalienable, right to his or her own life. He was in disagreement to say the least. He became somewhat angry, calling me an "anarchist". He told me that government "rulers" and "authorities" are appointed by God,biblical verse Romans 13, to rule over mankind. Alas, this is the slave mentality of the Divine Right of Kings. He also said that although he "doesn't like taxes", As Jesus instructed we must render unto Caesar what is his. He also related that "rebellion" against government is a rebellion against God himself!

This, my friends, is the slave mind of the religious believer. Taxation is a form of slavery. Governments are not appointed by God, but run by men and used to acquire more and more power unto themselves. When I told him this, he abruptly left me and ended the conversation. What offended him the most was when I asked him about the American Revolutionaries revolting against the British king. He said that the American Revolution was a "Christian" upheaval. Well,it wasn't,and you can't have it both ways. Rebellion is rebellion, and according to his Bible, the Founders and all who participated in the Revolution were rebelling against God and were condemned to Hell for all eternity. This is pure nonsense, but it is what we are up against today in America.

Irrationality, fear, and passive obedience are what are inculcated by traditional religious belief. This unholy trinity has caused many Americans to be soft, fearful and unwilling to defend their liberty. As a tolerant individualist, I believe one can believe whatever one wishes to, no matter how irrational I think it may be. That being said, recognize that if America is turned into a dictatorship during the current crisis, these religious zealots will be the governments' biggest the name of God.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Statist Oppression Lottery

Now that President Obama and his Democratic socialists have put forward their plan to add almost 900 billion dollars to the National Debt,we can see who will benefit from what has been called the Statist-Oppression Lottery. This phrase is from the great radical website, Nation of Liberty. What the phrase defines is the special interest lottery of lobbyists, corporations, and other assorted political whores who are feeding off the public. Since October 2008, the banking industry has stolen over 1 trillion dollars in taxpayer money. President Bush and his lackey, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, pushed the case that without the 700 billion dollar bailout, America was doomed. This was a lie. America is doomed anyway. The money stolen by Wall Street was only to bail out fat cats and big banks that made bad loans and poor business decisions. It is the biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world, this time from the poor to the rich. Robbery at it's finest.

This is what is meant by the Statist-Oppresion Lottery. Wealthy interests use the power of government in the form of taxation, to steal money from citizens. It is a sickening fraud that is only going to get worse. President Obama is going to also pursue this line of fraud. He is in the back pocket of the elite and fully intends to back their play.

This Statist-Oppression Lottery is going to be very painful. Be prepared for an astronomical rise in taxes, high inflation, high unemployment and a Depression. You can thank the elitists of America for the Statist-Oppression Lottery.