Sunday, February 08, 2009

Conversation with a Religious Statist

Recently, I had a conversation with a religious statist. We were talking about the current economic mess we were in. He, of course is a religious conservative, Republican, and believer in a "strong" government. He informed me that the reason we are in such bad shape is because Americans have "rejected" God. He further related that in retribution, God was placing evil men in power to govern us. Since I am a rationalist and a Deist, I of course, have a differing opinion. I related to him that I thought America needed a peaceful revolution and organized resistance to government taxes, and banking policies, that were destroying the livelihood of Americans and their children.

I pointed out that we were under no obligation to be slaves to our government, that they don't own us, and that each person has a natural, unalienable, right to his or her own life. He was in disagreement to say the least. He became somewhat angry, calling me an "anarchist". He told me that government "rulers" and "authorities" are appointed by God,biblical verse Romans 13, to rule over mankind. Alas, this is the slave mentality of the Divine Right of Kings. He also said that although he "doesn't like taxes", As Jesus instructed we must render unto Caesar what is his. He also related that "rebellion" against government is a rebellion against God himself!

This, my friends, is the slave mind of the religious believer. Taxation is a form of slavery. Governments are not appointed by God, but run by men and used to acquire more and more power unto themselves. When I told him this, he abruptly left me and ended the conversation. What offended him the most was when I asked him about the American Revolutionaries revolting against the British king. He said that the American Revolution was a "Christian" upheaval. Well,it wasn't,and you can't have it both ways. Rebellion is rebellion, and according to his Bible, the Founders and all who participated in the Revolution were rebelling against God and were condemned to Hell for all eternity. This is pure nonsense, but it is what we are up against today in America.

Irrationality, fear, and passive obedience are what are inculcated by traditional religious belief. This unholy trinity has caused many Americans to be soft, fearful and unwilling to defend their liberty. As a tolerant individualist, I believe one can believe whatever one wishes to, no matter how irrational I think it may be. That being said, recognize that if America is turned into a dictatorship during the current crisis, these religious zealots will be the governments' biggest the name of God.

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