Monday, February 02, 2009

Statist Oppression Lottery

Now that President Obama and his Democratic socialists have put forward their plan to add almost 900 billion dollars to the National Debt,we can see who will benefit from what has been called the Statist-Oppression Lottery. This phrase is from the great radical website, Nation of Liberty. What the phrase defines is the special interest lottery of lobbyists, corporations, and other assorted political whores who are feeding off the public. Since October 2008, the banking industry has stolen over 1 trillion dollars in taxpayer money. President Bush and his lackey, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, pushed the case that without the 700 billion dollar bailout, America was doomed. This was a lie. America is doomed anyway. The money stolen by Wall Street was only to bail out fat cats and big banks that made bad loans and poor business decisions. It is the biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world, this time from the poor to the rich. Robbery at it's finest.

This is what is meant by the Statist-Oppresion Lottery. Wealthy interests use the power of government in the form of taxation, to steal money from citizens. It is a sickening fraud that is only going to get worse. President Obama is going to also pursue this line of fraud. He is in the back pocket of the elite and fully intends to back their play.

This Statist-Oppression Lottery is going to be very painful. Be prepared for an astronomical rise in taxes, high inflation, high unemployment and a Depression. You can thank the elitists of America for the Statist-Oppression Lottery.

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