Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Enemies of the Republic, Part 3-The Neoconservatives

What do Paul Wolfowitz, David Frum, Donald Kagan, William Kristol, Michael Ledeen, and Eliot Abrams have in common? All are neoconservative intellectuals, and powerful men in the upper echelons of the Bush administration. In the third part of this series, Enemies of the Republic, we will see who these men are and what they represent.

The Neoconservative movement was founded by German immigrant Leo Strauss. Strauss, a refugee from Nazi Germany came to the United States in the 1950's and established himself at the University of Chicago. Strauss brought with him the European worldview of mankind, something rejected by our Founders

In this worldview, man is depraved, stupid, weak minded and in need of a strong government. With shades of Alexander Hamilton, Strauss propagated the view that the theories of Europe apply to the people of the American Republic. In this ideal people also need a powerful and dominant religion. Strauss believed religious belief to be a powerful controlling force ( which it is) to be used to manipulate and control the masses. He considered the masses worthy of a Hobbsian government, a strong leader ruling benevolently over all. Strauss and other neoconservatives reject the Enlightenment ideal of increasing human knowledge, infusing critical thinking and philosophy among the people,
and educating the people as Jefferson stated " enabled to know ambition under all it's shapes, and prompted to exert their natural powers to defeat it's purposes.." This is anathema to the neocon. In their view common people, or the middle class if you prefer, are incapable of such learning; and even if they were, such knowledge is not desireable.

This neoconsevative mindset has infiltrated the federal government beginning in the early 1980's culminating in their complete domination with the election of George W. Bush. Through Washington, DC based "think tanks" these neocons have promoted their tyrannical agenda and have suceeded in convincing the American people that they are conservatives. Conservatives, in the truest sense believe in limited government, property rights, individual liberty ,neocons do not.
Neocons do not believe in any of the above ideas. Unfortunately, they have convinced many conservatives and libertarians that they are the mainstream of the conservative movement. Sadly, that is the farthest from the truth.

Through mindless propaganda arms like FOX news, the magazine National Review, and the Weekly Standard these dangerous people have been able to convince many conservatives that :

1) The United States should be an Empire
2) that the masses should follow elitist "leaders"
3) that total war to spread "democracy" is moral
4) that people are fundamentally incapable of self government
5) that the ideals of the Founding Fathers are antiquated ideas
6) a large centralized government is necessary
7) a large standing military is necessary
8)freedom needs to be limited in times of war
9)American "interests", meaning corporations and cartels, should be "protected" by American soldiers
10)the overthrow of foreign governments is not only moral, but necessary to protect our "interests"

These planks are the building blocks of imperial government. All that is needed is a dissolution of the legislative branch, and the President to proclaim himself in office for life. All of these doctrines are as old as civilization itself. A ruling clique usurps the government with promises of protection and "freedom" and then piece by piece dismantles civil liberties under the guise of " fighting terrorism" or some other bugaboo.

Strauss and his neoconservative philosophy is not new. It is the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, Sir Robert Filmer, George III, Napoleon, and the ancient kings and princes of Europe. This philosophy is one of hierarchy, domination, and despotism. Here is Thomas Jefferson explaining the difference between the Federalists and Democratic Republicans of his day, sums it up best:

" The doctrines of Europe were, that men in numerous associations cannot be restrained within the limits of order and justice, but by forces physical and moral, wielded over them by authorities independent of
their will. Hence their organization of kings, hereditary nobles and priests. Still further to constrain the brute force of the people, they deem it necessary to keep them down by hard labor, poverty and ignorance and to take from them, as from bees, so much of their earnings, as that unremitting labor shall be necesary to a sufficient surplus barely to sustain a scanty and miserable life. And these earnings they apply to maintain their privileged orders in splendor and idleness, to fascinate the eyes of the people, and excite in them an humble adoration and submission, as if to an order of superior beings."

Jefferson to William Johnson 6-22-1823

This is an apt description of the neocon mindset. Morons like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, excite devotion and submission to the Republican Party worldview, and the elevation of George W. Bush to near monarch status. Bush is called
"our President", "our leader", "your President", "commander in chief", and a "great man". All that is missing is a gold crown, purple robe and sceptre. The neocon world view as professed by Strauss and his disciples
is really the Old World view of European monarchs and the Federalist Party in the early republic. Let's compare this with the Jeffersonian view of the people:

"Ours was on the contrary, was to maintain the will of the majority of the convention ( constitution), and of the people themselves.We believed, that man was a rational animal, endowed by nature with rights, and with an inate sense of justice; and that he could be restrained from wrong and protected in right by moderate powers, confided to persons of his own choice, and held to their duties by dependence on his own view.We believed the complicated organization of kings, noble and priests was not the wisest nor best to effect the happiness of associated man that wisdom and virtue were not hereditary, and that the trappings of such machinery consumed at their expense"

Jefferson to William Johnson 6-22-1823

That profound statement above is the antithesis of the neocon worldview of empire and domination over the people of the US and the world itself.

One of the neoconservatives main program planks is the imperial supremacy of the United States around the globe. In 1997 the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was created by neoconservatives Donald Kagen, William Kristol, and Paul Wolfowitz. In 2000 they issued a position paper entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses.This 90 page report is a call for American Empire. Military supremacy, strategic military bases all over the world, and pre-emptive war are recommended. This frightening document is the blueprint for world domination. It is a complete repudiation of the Jeffersonian foreign policy that served the early republic so well.

Combined with Straussian domestic policy and aggressive imperial foreign policy, the neoconservatives are creating a Frankenstein. The Republic is still there, superficially it has elections, courts, constitutional debates, but in reality under the veneer of the velvet glove of democracy is the iron fist of a burgeoning imperial power. Liberty, freedom, democratic electoral politics, and Jeffersonian limited government are being cast aside for war, corporate dominance, and a strong centralized state. This is the neocon dream. They see the Old Republic as archaic, unworkable, and not fit for the modern era.

The neocon worship of the centralized state must have a leader. This leader is President George W. Bush. Bush, a half witted politician, is really a puppet furthering the true goals of the neocons. Using religion, 500% patriotism ( you are either with us or against us), dumbed down public schools, and the mass media, we are looking at a retrogression of sorts. This retrogression will be back to a day, as Strauss hoped, before the Enlightenment. A day when kings ( the President), nobles ( government bureaucrats and corporate fat cats), and priests ( the Christian Right) combine to enslave the populace for their own enrichment. Critisism of the President is called "unpatriotic", "treason", and calls for the imprisonment of anti war and administraion opponents grow. As I have related in other essays it is the return of the Divine Right of Kings with a monied aristocracy and oligarchy to rule us all.

The neocons are also affiliated with the Likud Party in Isreal. They are Zionists. United with the Christian Right they denounce all critisism of Isreal as "anti semitic" and "nazi ". This anti intellectual diatribe is similar to the one used by leftists against white males calling them "racist" or "homophobic" when one of their causes or cliques is subject to any rational review. This is done to silence debate by name calling, slander and ad hominem attack. All such responses are not rebuttals to arguement and debate but are used to discredit their opponent and cause the public to believe that their opponents are not worthy of debate or attention. This is tragic to the cause of liberty since these forms of political correctness and mindless thought control techniques DO scare people into silence.

The Middle East is an obsession with the neocons and the protection of Isreal at all costs is paramount. The arabic peoples are routinely scorned and put down, and treated as vermin in the eyes of the neocons. Of course the other consideration is the large amounts of natural gas and oil in the Middle East. These natural resurces just happen to be connected to many of the corporations the neocons are involved with. Halliburton, with it's no bid contracts, and Bechtel, affilliated with Vice President Cheney, and former President George H.W. Bush and his affiliation with the Saudi Royal family are just a few examples. Modern day mercantilism at it's finest. All of these corporations benefit tremendously from their incestuous relationship with the government and it's warmongers.

Neocons also have dumbed down American history. Beginning in the 1950's neocons and other phony conservatives began propagating the view that the American Revolution was "conservative" unlike the radical French Revolution. This is a flat out lie. Revolutions by their very nature are anything but "conservative", especially the American Revolution.
The American Revolution may have started out as merely a defense of "English Liberties" but soon it became much more radical. Soon the colonists were speaking of the "natural rights of man", and the "sovereignty of the people", neither of which is a "conservative" proposition. Soon the monarchy was replaced by a democratic republic, a written constitution ( unheard of in Britian), a Bill of Rights, and the disestablishment of government religions in each of the colonies within the the first 40 years of the republic. Manhood sufferage was extended,
the right to property protected, and representative government established. Nothing, let me repeat nothing was conservative about it.

The American Revolution was so radical that it spurred the French officers who had come to help the Americans to become infected with the ideals of liberty which they brought back to France with them. Of course conservatives hate both the American and French Revolutions since the ruling oligarchies and monarchies were displaced and the people aroused to defend their rights. Neocons love to quote German aristocrat and paid scribbler for the English government, Fredrich Von Gentz, who propagated the view that the American Revolution was "conservative". Pure nonsense. The European monarchs hated both revolutions. They denounced the American Revolution in the same terms they denounced the French. Words like "rebels", "republicans", "democrats", " the lower sort", etc. European aristocrats despised the very idea of America. Republican government was seen as "anarchy", and it's supporters labeled as "disorganizers", "malcontents", and "jacobins". The neocons are avid believers in the views of European monarchs even though they prattle on about "democracy".

They are attempting to bury the revolutionary traditons and foundations of America to further the Straussian agenda. Neocons secretly hate the American Revolution because it's principles, outlined in the Declaration of Independence, spelled out the right to overthrow tyrannical government and institute new government on according to the will of the people. The will of the people means nothing to the neoconservative. They believe the people are like Alexander Hamilton thought, a "great beast", who are incapable of self government.

One of their most immoral and despotic ideals is the imperial ideal of pre-emptive war. They believe the United States has the right to attack, disarm and dominate any nation on this planet that the President considers a "threat". We would then occupy the nation to bring "democracy" to them. Pre-emptive war is the doctrine of of despots. Lying , fabrication of evidence, propaganda, are all used to sell war to the American people. Fanatical "patriotism" is then whipped into a frenzy by the neocon press; hatred of all who oppose the war, civil liberties advocates, peace groups, are all then spied on, ridiculed and calls for imprisoning them grow.

In their document "Rebuilding America's Defenses" the neocons call for pre-emptive war. They neocon war machine called for invasion of Iraq while President Clinton was in office, advice Clinton rejected. They also ominously called for a "Pearl Harbor" type event to propel the United States and the American people into war. This "Pearl Harbor" event was sent to them in the 9/11 tragedy, a Godsend to their cause. The drumbeat then began against Iraq. Lies and propaganda, false accusations of "weapons of mass destruction" that never materialized, and violation of civil liberties here at home are the lifeblood of their movement.

The neocon war machine is running at full steam, trampling over the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These evil men call for the torture of "terrorist" suspects, indefinate imprisonment as "enemy combatants",
and for the PATRIOT Act to be strengthened. Notice that the civil liberties of not just enemy aliens, but American citizens is at risk.
Habeus Corpus, the ancient right against unlawful and indefinate imprisonment, has been totally cast aside. The right to counsel has been breached by the policy of the Justice Dept to listen to conversations between suspects and their attorney's, thereby destroying any ability to mount a proper defense.The "enemy comabatant" doctrine has been sucessfully applied to American citizens like Jose Padilla. Padilla, arrested in 2002 for being affiliated with a terrorist cell, has never been charged with a crime, and is being held without access to his attorney.
This is the neocon doctrine of the total warfare state. This state is always in a state of fear, and extreme nationalism rules the day. The rights of citizens like Padilla are ignored, violated and totally disregarded.

If the neocons succeed ,the American Republic, which is on life support, will soon die. After it's death the United States ,as it's Founders intended, a democratic republic, will cease to exist. As I have stated in other essays, if this happens a true dark ages will consume the Earth. The new US Empire with it's massive military and fanatical religious zealots and sycophants will leave no stone unturned to further their global ideas of despotism, greed and domination. The Republic of Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and George Washington will be no more. Should this come about the world will truly become what Jefferson feared most from tyranny the " war of all against all" Let's do our best to make sure the neocons do not succeed.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Enemies of the Republic, Part 2-The Multi Cultural Left

In this second of my three part series, Enemies of The Republic, we will examine the Multi Cultural Left. This is a dangerous, hateful, racist movement aimed at tearing down all of the pillars of the American Revolution and the natural rights philosophy. This group, which came of age in the 1960' and 70's is made of Marxists, anarchists, and other nihilistic philosophies which aim at nothing less than total destruction of the intellectual foundations of America and the men who professed them from 1776 to this day. This fifth column is also infused with the philosophy of skepticism, and post-modernism, both which aim at relativism and propagate the idea that there are no truths, not even scientific ones, and that all modern science is based on a "Euro-Centric" order.

From the 1960's to our present day the multi cultural left has been waging relentless war against "Eurocentric" culture, especially any history concerning the Founding Fathers. Usually they are attacked in an ad hominem fashion as "dead white males", "rich white men", "capitalists", etc. These anti-intellectual labels are used to lure unwary young people and others in college into despising their own history and country. A primary target is the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. He, of course is labeled a "hypocrite", "racist", "rapist", "slaveholder", etc. He is hated for two primary reasons: one, because he is a white male, and secondly and most importantly his political philosophy of natural rights and human liberty. The ad hominem attacks are used to discredit Jefferson, and the other Founders as human beings, thereby discrediting their philosophy also. They are held to impossibly high standards, and judged retroactively by modern day standards.

One example is slavery. Jefferson, Madison, Washington, etc are excoriated for owning slaves. It is said they should have just "freed" them into their society, regardless of the potential consequences. Forget the fact that in Virginia and other southern states most, if not all whites, would never have embraced nor accepted a "multicultural" society. In the late 18th century the only multicultural socities were held together by force, ie: Russia, Turkey, Latin America, etc. Immediate emancipation of freed slaves would more than likely precipitated a race war and would have totally destroyed the real gains of the American Revolution. Progressive change takes time, and slavery was on it's way to extermination in the western world. The Enlightenment philosophy along with the new market style economies emerging were dissolving old institutions like slavery and feudalism. This is not enough for the multiculturalists.

Next the multiculturalists and post modernists take aim at the Enlightenment of the 18th century. The Enlightenment brought the modern world into being intellectually while the Industrial Revolution performed the same task with economics. Post modernists will tell you there are no real truths, that no one culture is superior to any other. It embraces irrationalism to point of rejecting modern science. One example is relating that an African witch doctor's attempt at curing disease is as valid as modern medical science. Another is that native peoples are always superior to Europeans because they are "one with nature"and more "spiritual" . Notice the race prejudice against Europeans; yet most multi culturalists claim they are "tolerant". Another example is the excoriation of the Spanish conquest of the Americans as "genocide" and a "war of extermination". Ignored is the brutality of the Inca and Aztec Empires. These empires enslaved other Indian tribes, surpressed their cultures, and made human sacrifices to their gods by cutting out the hearts of their victims.
This is not an attempt to justify the brutality of the Spanish, but simply to point out the hypocrisy of the multiculturalists.

The multiculturalists and post-modernists are not content with brainwashing young people in college, but with fervor of a religious fanatic, wish to pass laws to annhilate any opposition to their views. This is exemplified by campus speech codes, "political correctness", hate crime legislation, affirmative action, racial quotas, laws aimed at "hate speech". These are all ideals taken from Stalinist and Marxist- Leninist police states. It is also highly reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch trials, other anti- intellectual movements throughout history. These laws and ideas are usually only applied to their focal point of hate, white males. Just like the Jews in Nazi Germany, the "rich" in the Soviet Union and other communist states, or secular humanists, homosexuals or atheists to the Christian Right, there must be someone to blame for all of society's ills and be a rallying point for hate. Once they have whipped up enough hatred, they can move to implement their evil and despotic vision for the United States. Let's examine life in a Multi Cultural dictatorship, or "People's republic as the communists called it. Here are some laws they would put into place:

Abolition of free speech
Abolition of private property
Supression of religion
massive forced affirmative action
coerced racial quotas
a revised American History ( imputing criminality to everything done by the Founders and Europeans in general)
Second class citizenship for whites, especially males
abolition of all firearms

What a terrifying state the US would become. Notice that it would not be very different from the Christian Right tyranny, just without the religion. Both would annhilate our present democratic republic. Let's now see how the multi culturalists infiltration of academia has succeeded in undermining the American people's faith in the founding principles of the American Revolution.

The American Revolution was clearly the most radical revolution to ever succeed. The colonies went from a centralized monarchy to a republic, and began to implement classical liberal reforms as the world had not seen before.
Most established churches were disestablished within the first 15 years, manhood sufferage expanded, and democratic republics established in each of the 13 new states. Further, a written Bill of Rights was developed protecting the civil liberties and natural rights of the new American citizenry. Freedom of religion, speech, press, freedom against abitrary arrests and unreasonable searches and seizures, trial by jury, and the right to counsel and against self incrimination were implemented. It was truly a radical revolution against powerful centralized government and for human liberty. None of this is good enough for the multiculturalists. They see everything as a class struggle in the true Marxist sense. Civil liberties are ridiculed, the rights of individuals are cast aside for collective rights and the Founders are portrayed in the classic, but erroneous Marxist sense, as rich white aristocrats oppressing the proletariat.

A cynical view of American History is then installed in schools downgrading the acheivments of the Founders, calling them racists, and propagating the view that the American Revolution was a "conservative" movement, a ridiculous notion, indeed! I guess to the Marxists and multiculturalists to have a successful revolution you must be a person of color, live in the third world, and slaughter millions of your countrymen as Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot did. I guess that mass Marxist genocide is considered progress and enlightenment.
Stalin murdered 60 to 80 million of his own people, Mao roughly 40 million, and Pol Pot 4 million, almost exterminating his entire country. True radicalism is freeing people from the shackles of tyranny, not committing genocide against them. In contrast the American Revolution was the first true peoples war, a war of true national liberation.

Noam Chomsky, Cornell West, Jesse Jackson, and other post modernists and multiculturalists save all of their hatred for the United States. Chomsky thinks that the US government is worse than the old Soviets or communist Chinese. Now the US government has done, and continues to do horrible things around the world, but the worse then the USSR? 60 to 80 million people starved, murdered, placed in slave labor camps, a complete totalitarian society without a semblence of liberty. The US is worse than that? Or China ? Mao, the murderer of 40 million people,who intentionally starved, forced slave labor, theft of private property? The US is worse than that? I don't think so. Cornell West, a Harvard University Professor, absolutely despises the ideals of our Founders. On several occasions he has ridiculed the natrual rights theory and engaged in the ad hominem strategy against Jefferson, declaring him a "racist" and not worthy of emulation. West also rails against "Eurocentrism", a phony post modernist creation out of whole cloth. It, of course, is a typical strawman arguement. If it is European descended it must be "evil".

Another post modernist is the Irish born, socialist lover of Edmund Burke, Conor Cruise O' Brien. In 1997 he wrote a book called "A Long Affair, Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution". In it he declares Jefferson as "unworthy" of our admiration. He also calls for him to be "removed" from our "pantheon of heroes" "piece by piece". The reason behind this is that Jefferson was a "racist" and a believer in the ideals of the French Revolution "high on the wild gas of liberty". He compares Jefferson to Pol Pot for supporting the bloody stages of the Revolution and calls him "father to the modern militia movement" and right wing exteremism. Of course this is to be expected from a man who admires Marxian theory. All counter philosophies must be crushed, even if you must lie.
It is also typical of an admirer of Edmund Burke, a reactionary conservative, who worshipped at the alter of monarchy, aristocracy, and a strong established church. You might say that this is a strange combination of philosophies, but not really. Both Marxist and Burkean philosophy exault the state over all. Individuals are irrelevant to the Burkean and Marxist alike. Rights are not natural, but granted by rulers who are to be placed in splendor, idleness and awe. People are to know their place whether you are a serf or proletarian.
The elite, Marxist or monarchial shall rule you. They will live in opulence, and you will suffer in penury. The Marxist is nothing but a Burkean monarchist wrapped up in new clothes. The aristocracy that Burke admired is still there, just acting like supporters of the people, while all the while keeping them in abject slavery. In this view, you as a human being exist at the whim of your rulers who grant you rights by their own good graces. Tradition, order, hierarchy, and obedience are demanded by the Burkean and Marxist. Where Burke uses religion to keep the masses in line, the Marxist uses a religious devotion to Communist Party dogma and leaders, all in for the same reason as Burke: control of the people to their own ends.

As you can see multiculturalists and other left wing philosophies are really nihlistic in nature. Hatred of anything European, Enlightenment oriented and infused with an unhealthy skepticism and relativism. Marxism is really a philosophy of the Old World. It is very similar to the Hobbsian ideal of a strong government to rule men because they are depraved. It mirrors the Calvinistic philosophy of original sin by maintaining that men are depraved, evil, oppressive, and in need of the Marxist/ Left leadership to guide them to freedom. A "dictatorship of the proliatariat" as Marx called it. Again, witness the idea that men need a dictator to acheive happiness and the goal of freedom.
Of course a standing military is needed to bring this "freedom" to the people along with one party rule, no free elections, abolition of civil liberties, and slavery to the state. The Divine Right of Kings is then replaced with the divine edicts of "the Party". This is not the philosophy of our Founders. Thomas Jefferson rejected the old European theories of government. He felt the philosophies of Hobbes, Sir Robert Filmer, Blackstone, and Burke were not suited for the people of American Republic. Instead the ideas of Locke, Sidney, Paine, Benjamin Franklin and others would be the light which we would guide ourselves to self government.

The American Left has been at war with the ideals of individual liberty, self government and enlightenment since at least the 1960's. They hide their hatred for America and everything American under the guise of fighting fascism. They proclaim to be the paragons of "tolerance" and "diversity" but instead are only concealing their bigotry and prejudice against the ideals of the American Revolution. In the name of tolerance they continually spew forth racial hatred against people of European descent. Whites are always portrayed as priveleged, bigoted oppressors while people of color are portrayed as benevolent, kind, unprejudiced, and enlightened. One Harvard professor named Noel Ingiatev has a website calling for the extermination of the white race. He has called whites a "cancer" on the world and advocates not only cultural, but ethnic annhilation of European descended peoples. Is this "tolerance"? It sounds like the ideals of Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot. Less violent, but hateful policies are the assault on private property through tyrannical environmental laws. These laws are used as a pretext to confiscate private property and to enlarge the power of the state over the people.

At one time the American left was a vibrant, progressive movement for true change. It once consisted of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams,
Benjamin Franklin and other revolutionaries. Sadly, the American left has since embraced the old European theories of government in the form of cultural and economic Marxism. Marxism is only the old European theory of centralized government, and feudal slavery wrapped up in revolutionary rhetoric. Very little , if any of it's philosophy is revolutionary. Instead it embraces the reactionary ideals of strong government, an ignorant and enslaved populace, and an elite ruling the masses.

Along with their counterparts on the Right, the Left is engaged in the systematic demolition of the American Republic and Jeffersonian Democracy. As each brace, each piece of the Republic's foundation rots, crumbles and falls, the Empire silently grows. One day the Republic will be no more. When that happens the United States, as the last bastion of relative freedom and liberty will be gone, and the globe will then spiral into an abyss of tyranny and a new dark age. The American Left are certainly doing their part to hasten that day on all of us.