Thursday, July 17, 2008

Economic Meltdown

Well, the economic future of the United States is looking dire. This week's bailout proposals of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the failure of IndyMac Bank have shown the perils of fiat money and central banking. Since the days of Alexander Hamilton, the wealthy have wanted a central bamk in the US. In 1836 Andrew Jackson destroyed the second Bank of the United States. From then until 1913 the United States had no central bank.It is also no coincidence that this period was a period of unsurapassed economic growth. Unfortunately the US never learned it's lesson. Now we are reaping the harvest from the evils of central banking, easy credit, and inflation and deflation.

Folks, we are headed for some very rough and ominious times. I believe we will see a depression that will dwarf the Great Depression of the 1930's. As the banks meltdown, so will the rest of the US economy. It will have a domino effect that will wipe out the savings and money of the middle class. Already the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is asking for permission to change it's rules and pay bank customers only 10 cents on the dollar or 10% of the money they have in the bank under 100,000. Currently, the FDIC is required to pay up 100,000 per account. Now they are asking to basically eviscerate the life saving of millions of depositors.

This is pure fraud and we have only seen the beginning of it. Experts are predicting $200.00 oil by this time next year, and the possibility of a depression in the coming future. The economic house of cards that the US economy is built on is starting to collapse. When it fully collapses and hits rock bottom, the US will be thrown into a world of chaos and political darkness. I have no doubt that martial law, and the virtual, if not actual, abolition of many of our constitutional liberties. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments are already under attack daily. The new FISA wiretapping law, rendition, and the push for war in the Middle East are just a few examples.

Americans need to wake up. If they do not the liberties Americans hold dear will be gone! Protect yourself and prepare for the worst.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Self Defense and the Breakdown of Society

If things keep going the way they have been: destruction of the Constitution, perpetual war, growing domestic tyranny, and economic collapse, the end of the American Republic will be complete. As the republic dies two things will happen. First, massive crime, and gangsterism will rule the day, Second, the political void will be filled by some despotic regime. It is the criminal gangsterism and how to defend yourself from it that this article is about.

Suppose America breaks down into chaos as described in Thomas Chittum's chilling book " Civil War II: The Breakdown of America". Gangs, racial violence and strife, brutal poverty, and starvation become the norm. How does one protect yourself, family and community from such horror. As a libertarian, I believe every individual should be prepared, and that every neighborhood and community should band together voluntarily and create defense associations and committees to fight roaming gangs and criminals. Let us begin.

We will number and list some of the things that need to be done.

1) All neighborhoods need to form themselves into defense associations for the collective purpose of defending themselves. Elect a committee, the size varies due the size of the neighborhood, of at least 10 people.

This committee should attempt to contact and form defense agreements with other towns and cities. The job of the committee is to prepare for attacks from roaming gangs.

2) The committee should require all able bodied men over 16 to be armed. Regular patrols should be set up around the town at all ingress and egress points. Armed patrols should also be posted to guard food and water supplies since these will be in hot demand if a Katrina like situation occurs.

3) Citizens should be committed (voluntarily)to pooling their resources such as food, water, fuel, transportation, and communications devices to help in protecting the whole.

4) Radio, TV and Internet ( if functioning) broadcasts should be monitored daily around the clock to keep the people alert for any new developments.

5) All citizens should be prepared to use firearms and other defensive measures. Places like Rwanda, Croatia, and Haiti are prefect examples of defenseless and sheep like actions and reactions to violence. The will to survive should be Paramount.

6) The Defense Committee should meet weekly and if necessary, daily, to prepare everyday operations.

7) Free trade with other towns, if possible, should be established to obtain the supplies needed. The American Revolution is a good example of this.

Now here are a list of the items you should have in preparation for such an event.

1) Firearms. You must have weapons to defend yourself. Preferably rifles, shotguns and always, handguns. Train with them. Be familiar with them.
No how to clean and take the weapon apart.

2) Food. Start stocking up now. Canned food, dried goods,fuel,water,and clothing. You should also buy a generator.

3) Transportation. Have a working vehicle. Although fuel will be very difficult to come by, a vehicle could save your life if overun by tyrannical government forces or gangsters.

4) Radio. Have a working radio. This could prove invaluable to you for intelligence gathering.

5) Valuables for barter. Cash, ie, paper money, will be more than likely worthless, so have items of value to barter with other families and defense associations. What to barter could include food, water, tools, weapons,books, radios, etc. Just about anything can be bartered if it has a useful purpose.

I am not trying to be an alamist, but the talk of war with Iran,200.00 a barrel oil, the liquidation of the real estate market, and the erosion of our liberties makes preparation not just necessary, but imperative. The breakdown of this wonderful nation has been planned by elites for decades. This once free democratic republic was a bastion of liberty and a middle finger to elitists and royalists. The hatred that the elites from the time of the American Revolution has not abated, only become more stealth like.

Please organize. People with skills like self defense, law enforcement or military training, organizational/managerial, and public relations will be needed if small communities are to survive the coming depression.

In my next post we will explore the rapid decline of the USA in the last 18 months.