Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seize back the Tax Revolt

We, as radical libertarians need to seize back the tax revolt, and Tea Party protests. Increasingly, the tax revolt movement is being infiltrated and absorbed by the GOP and the neoconservative right. These folks are not libertarians, and love big government,and high taxes to support their welfare/warfare state. Huge standing armies, worldwide military bases and occupations, and massive defensive spending is as bad, if not worse than welfare spending at home.

The GOP is full of frauds (outside of Ron Paul)and is nothing more than the other side of the coin on the corrupt Left/Right spectrum. I encourage all libertarians to form your own organizations, maybe call them Liberty Rallies, and take back the freedom movement. I have never supported the union with the Right proposed by many libertartians. The Right is just as much the enemy of liberty as the left.

Let organize, protest,and make some noise. Rally to the cause of liberty and the 10th Amendment and leave the Tea Party in the dust.

The real Tea Party was a revolutionary act, not the act of old, declaying neoconservatives with tea bags in their hands!