Monday, April 09, 2012

Yesterday's Radicals as today's Conservative

Are you a conservative? If your answer is yes, what do you wish conserve? If it is limited government, freedom, individual liberty, then you are what I would call a Jeffersonian Conservative. What this means is that you are a person who wishes to "conserve" the above principles of the radicals of the American Revolution and the Revolution of 1800, a Jeffersonian Revolution.

Now, I am not talking about Neo-Conservatives whose main hero is monarchist Edmund Burke. I am talking about a conservative who wishes to perserve the principles of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Taylor of Caroline, etc. Men who believed in radical notions of individual liberty, freedom on conscience, republican government,low taxes, and were against standing armies. These principles are true conservatism. They are the antithesis of what the Neo-Cons are today and a total 360 from the modern leftist liberals and Democrats of today.

I am talking about yesterday's radical principles as today's conservative values.
Honest people can disagree about gay marriage, abortion, crime and other so called "conservative" issues. The ultimate goal is the preservation of liberty and the thwarting of despotism.

Hold your head high. Be a conservative, but be a Jeffersonian Conservative, that is, one who wishes to conserve the limited government, freedom oriented society created by our forefathers.

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