Sunday, October 03, 2010

Collectivism and Religion-The Bane of the Human Mind

Collectivism and organized religion are the bane of the human mind. Religion is collectivism and collectivism is a religion. They are symbiotic twins that feed on their host...the human mind.

From the Pagan Mayans, Aztecs, to the Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian sects, and Jewish and Islamic religions, collectivism has been the linchpin holding these pious frauds together. All of these organized religions preach self-sacrifice for the tribe, and slavery of the mind. It matters not whether it is a Mayan priest sarificing a young child, the Catholic Holy Inquisition with it's burnings, or modern day Islamic suicide bombers, hatred of the self and exahaltation of the tribe and collective are paramount.

Collectivism is insidious because it enslaves the mind. It creates mental slavery,passivity, and eventually self destruction.

The enemies of collectivism and religion have paved the way for us. Many of these heretics paid with their lives. Many were tortured but in the long run their revolt against ancient superstition has led the way for enlightenment and science. Men like Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Copernicus, Spinoza, Paine, Jefferson, Bakunin, all doubted the belief in faith over reason and science. All have contributed to the birth of modernity and the rejection of the ancient world.

Modern day collectivism is just as dangerous. It is full of right wing and left wing statists and facsists. Leftist collectivists want to control your economic life, tax you to death,confiscate your wealth and give it to the non productive. Right wing collectivists support Banksters, corporations,globalists,and the wealthy elite over the masses. Both hate freedom.

Collectivism is a dangerous fraud, and collectivists dangerous people. To the collectivists, whether religious or secular, independent thought,questioning authority, and speaking out are forms of mental illness. Obedience is demanded by the collectivist, usually at the end of a barrel of a gun.

Religion, whether secular or superstitious, destroys the human mind and annhilates critical thinking.Take a stand. Think for yourself. Reject religion, and collectivism. Save humanity from these ancient evils!

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