Monday, May 31, 2010

Break the Chains that Bind You!

Break the chains that bind you! Governments, organized religions, corporations, social pressures, and most of all, you own mind, are holding you back!

We all only have one go around in this life. Enjoy it. Strive, and be free. Don't wait for some metaphysical afterlife. If there isn't one, you'll have wasted the only life you have being chained by the things I delineated above. Throughout history human beings have allowed themselves to be ruled by aristocracies, monarchies, nobles, and collectivists. Now it is our time! Liberate yourself first, before you try to liberate the world.

Day in and day out, we are bombarded with messages telling us to conform, obey, and follow our "leaders." Fuck that! Learn about yourself. Find out what makes YOU happy. Cast aside all of the petty tyrants at home, work, or in political office that want you to do what THEY want. They are the selfish ones. They want you to give up your mind and life. Don't buy it. It is pure snake oil. Reject these charlatans for the frauds they are.

Long Live liberty! Long Live Freedom! Long Live YOUR LIFE!

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Seeker said...

Well stated. Haven't browsed your blog in a while and this one bounces up close to where I think mine might be going today. Have a great 4th!