Friday, May 26, 2006

The Left/Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion

In essence there only only two competing ideologies in existance: statism and libertarianism. As I have pointed out in other essays, the Left/ Right political structure is pure fraud. In today's America people are brainwashed and deluded by what I call the Left/Right Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion. This delusion blinds people to the frauds being perpetrated on their lives and liberties. This mass delusion also causes them to hate their country, it's ideals and embrace statist-collectivist ideals. This delusion is widespread and has metastisized like a cancer over the past several decades. This fraud has been successful in duping people to reject libertarian ideas. We will review both "leftwing" and "rightwing" delusions and see how they are ruining the USA. First, let's begin with the "left".

The Modern "Left"

The modern "left" is made up of many factions, groups and causes. Socialism, communism, environmentalism, group catagorization, and group identity ( affirmative action), anti-gun, "public health" movements, socialized medicine, etc. One thing most of these groups have in common is worship of the state or collective. Also hatred of everything "American" or "Eurocentric" is a prime portion of their ideology. Most "left" groups disguise their hateful and bigoted ideas behind words like "tolerance" or "inclusive". Most leftists are neither. Hate of "whites males",
the United States, and most importantly the classical liberal ideals of America's Founders are paramount. Of course, they also hate religious believers, traditional morality, and wish to force a "cultural revolution" on American society.
One example of the mass delusion these "leftists" suffer is their bigoted,prejudiced manipulation of history. Men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington are stridently condemned as "slaveowners", and "oppressors". Men ,like Jefferson and Madison, who tried to abolish slavery and preserve the gains of the American Revolution, are given no quarter while monsters like Mao, Stalin or Pol Pot are praised, elevated and worshipped. These communist beasts, mass murderers, and monsters made slaves of all of their people, not just a portion. Classical liberals like Jefferson attempted to eradicate slavery, but their society was not prepared to move in that direction. Men like Lenin and Stalin instead ordered mass murder and starvation of their "class enemies". Communist prejudice and hate is conveiniently ignored, while great men like Jefferson or Washington are destroyed. The ideals of the American Revolution consisted of individual liberty, limited government, and free trade. These ideals are derided and the collectivist ideal of unlimited government, elitism, hate and envy are propagated. "Leftists" ignore the progression of history. Starting with English libertarian ideas in the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution, and ultimately the American Revolution, libertarian ideas have progressed. Condeming our forebearers is absurd because men like the English Levellers, Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison were way ahead of their time. Jefferson avidly hoped future generations would go beyond his own. "Leftists", of course will never admit this. They want to hate. They want to hate "whites", America's Founders, and Western Civilization. Leftist tyranny is particularly hideous. In the USSR, China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, etc ethnic minorities are subjected to mass deportation, mass murder,annhilation of their culture, and a life of serfdom and enslavement. The Left is only one half of the Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion that afflicts the world. Let us turn to the Right.

The Right

Our right wing opponents are equally the enemies of liberty. The modern "Right" are the descendants of the Old Guard in Europe. This Old Guard descends from the monarchies with their "Divine Right of Kings", privileged nobility, state supported churches, Roman Catholic and Protestant, military, and the favored interests of these despotic societies, mercantilist corporations, guilds and wealthy civil servants. The modern Right is without a king so they must do the next best thing: give the American President the aura of a monarch. Right wing Republicans practically worship the President, savagely attacking any and all who critisize the "Commander in Chief" Right wingers also despise the poor and middle classes. Oh, they speak as their defenders, but actions speak louder than words. The American people have had a Republican Congress for 12 years now, and has this helped the cause of liberty? No way. Regressive witholding taxes, sales taxes,unemployment insurance taxes, Social Security taxes, gas taxes, and massive debt have been foisted upon the mass of our society. So much for defending working people. The Right is also full of hate. The objects of this hate are homosexuals,abortion doctors, libertarians, people of no faith or a non Christian faith, "liberals", and any opponents of the Republican Party. Laws banning "gay marriage",euthanasia, the use of drugs for medicinal purposes, are just a few examples of so called "conservatives" casting aside "state's rights" and embracing central control from Washington. Who has benefited from these "conservatives" policies? Military contractors, corporations who are subsidized by the taxpayers, religous fanatics, and the statist drug enforcement apparatus. The Right has an almost knee jerk hate of civil liberties. Wiretapping without a warrant, no knock raids, American citizens held in violation of Habeus Corpus ( Jose Padilla), "free speech zones", militarization of police forces,etc. The Attorney General of the United States recently stated that the President has unlimited power in time of war to "imprison", "detain", and hold people without any legal justification! That my friends is the "conservative" ideal. This as most will recognize is really fascism.

How to End the Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion

How do we end this mass delusion and free the American people? First,we must be militant, radical and uncomprimising. No apologies for libertarian ideas or beliefs.
We must use the arts of propaganda, elections, and public issues to get the libertarian message out to the masses. We must reject and distinguish ourselves from conservatives. Libertarians are mistakenly considered conservatives. We are not anything of the sort. Libertarianism is radical, conservativism is not. Conservatism is a stagnant, rotten and corrupt statist delusion. We also must oppose the Left with more frequency. We must expose their hateful ideals of group identification, group catagorization, class warfare, anti-traditionalist statist agenda. We must defend free enterprise against statists, both right and left. One way is to expose the frauds of GATT, NAFTA,FTAA, and the WTO. These statist treaties are not free trade, but are statist government managed trade. We must also oppose all taxes, at all levels, all regulations, and all new laws designed to infringe on the right of people to live their lives as they see fit. We must show people the evils of empire and imperialism. We must point out the benefits of a Jeffersonian foreign policy of "Stategic Neutrality" and peace. All foreign wars must be opposed and all American troops brought home. We must show the American people that your life belongs to you and no one else! Without the right to own, control and manage your own property, you become a slave. Without the right to live your personal life by your own morals ( without infringing on the right of others to do the same), you are a slave. Without the right to be free of tyrannical laws and government, you are a slave. Without the right to associate or not associate with any one you choose, you are a slave. The worst type of slavery is the slavery of the mind. This type of slavery perpetuates the Left/ Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion. It is the type of slavery where you continue to think your free, but you are really in bondage.

Reject the slave mentality! Reject the idea that you exist to serve you "betters" in the Left/ Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion. Embrace radical libertarianism, and free the world.

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