Tuesday, May 09, 2006


As revolutionary and radical libertarians we must reject the philosophy of classism that that is destroying our freedom, prosperity, and our society. Let us begin.


Classism is the pitting of one class against another by statists and other government/corporate complexes. This form of class warfare is divisive, destructive and causes people to resent, envy and hate others based upon their perceived financial success or lack thereof. Classism is a theory that says that the rich, poor and middle classes have conflicting and opposing interests. This evil theory completely ignores the fact that all people have a vested interest in not only their own freedom, but the freedom of others, regardless of economic status. Communists and socialists are masters at this type of divide and conquer theory. They focus on the poor and downtrodden and foster a hate of the wealthy blaming all of the problems of the poor and middle classes on the rich. What they fail to include is that it is not the rich, per se, but the rich corporate system that is inextricably tied to the government for fat contracts, subsidies, and tax plunder. Free trade, true capitalism, and economic progress are discarded and instead wealth is transfered from the people to government bureaucrats, contractors, and their favored interests. This classism applies to both the right and the left as people are lead to believe that it is not the statist tyrants who are their oppressors, but the "rich". Right wingers use this theory to show the poor as parasites and losers. They uphold wealthy elites as the pinnacle of society. The middle class and poor are derided as "unsuccessful". Of course the rightists leave out the massive tax and welfare bureaucracy that forces many into poverty. Both leftists and rightists wish to consolidate all power in a centralized state. This state is a Hobbsian creature made to "rule" society.

Leftists and Rightists perpetrate this fraud by encouraging hate on the enemy "class". The Left singles out the successful as "parasites" and "oppressors" but of course excuse wealthy leftists and socialists from their theory. Their communist heros like Stalin, Lenin, Gorbechev all lived like European royalty, similar to the Czar they overthrew. Rightists uphold corporations as the pinnacle of "capitalism" and "free trade" when in reality, these corporations are nothing more that government servants staffed by sycophants.

Reject Classism! Reject enslavement by this evil ideology of hate! Embrace Freedom!

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