Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Hate of the Right and Left

We hear it all the time: " I'm a conservative" or "I'm a liberal", "rightwinger", "leftwinger", etc. In general these terms do define so called "progressives" and so called "conservatives". However, these terms do not adequately describe or unveil the ideology of hatred, envy and malice behind both of these philosophies. In this essay we will examine both. Before we do let me inform you, the reader, that as a libertarian I reject both the "right" and the "left" because they are both wrong. They are wrong about human nature, they are wrong about government, and they use force, fear and fraud to obtain their "heaven on Earth". Let us examine first the philosophy of the left.

Leftists, which generally include communists, socialists, democratic socialists, environmental groups, and Trotskyites, proclaim a love of mankind, and wish to free him from subjection by the "capitalist class". When examined closely this philosophy is full of hate, envy, malice and domination. Leftists either consist of wealthy elites that feel guilty about their own success or men of little success who wish to penalize, and punish those who have been successful. In the early 20th century when the Bolshevik Revolution proclaimed a "new man" would be built in the newly conceived USSR it was a lie. Instead, an Old World despotism ( that of the tyrannical Czar) was reinstituted, along with the bureaucracy, to enslave and dominate the Russian masses. Forced confiscation of land and property, collective farms (serfdom), secret police ( the NKVD, modelled like the Czarist secret police), and a huge standing military were established to lord over the populace. These Marxist intellectuals claimed to be doing all of this in the name of the people. What they really did was reinstitute the former hierarchial society under new slogans, titles and names. The new aristocrats were the Communist Party bureaucrats and Kommissars, both of whom were at the top rung of this despotism pyramid. At the top was the executive officials of the Party, the Politburo, and the pinnacle was the dictator, the Chairman of The Communist Party. What about the mass of the people, you might ask? At the BOTTOM of the pyramid. Slaves, and serfs living in subhuman conditions just like under the Czar with laws designed to keep them powerless and ignorant. This structure was recreated in every communist run nation from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia and China.

In reality leftists are motivated by a love of power, domination and hierarchy, no matter what their slogans and speeches say. Freedom of Speech, religion, person, are non-existant. Protections against unreasonnable searches and seizures, the right to counsel, and individual liberty are codified in law in a farcical manner. These rights are never respected because individuals live for the collective, the Party, and never for themselves. Living in such a society is much like living in a secular Hell. Constant fear, ignorance, and brutality are the norm. Curfews, militarism, and and "thought police" are everywhere. This is the Communist ideal of a just society. Hate is constantly promoted. Hate of the capitalists, hate of "hooligans", hate of religion and it's believers, hate of the individual, hate of "enemies of the state", hate of the "class enemies", etc are daily infused into popular thought. That said,now let's move onto the hate of the right.

Rightists, are also made up of power hungry individuals who desire power, domination, hierarchy and slavery for the masses. Rightists usually consist of militarists, religious fanatics, secular bureaucrats, and corporate leaders. Most rightists are motivated by hate of the poor, minorities of any kind, anyone who is not suffciently patriotic, and anyone opposed to their religious belief or outlook. Rightists are also the offspring of the Old World. They are the children of the Old nobility, monarchies, and religious priests of the Middle Ages. These are the type of men who would have supported the Spanish Inquisition, and who to this day support imperialism. Rightists also enjoy a political pyramid that keeps them in power. The nobility consists of the corporate leaders who do the government's bidding, professional government bureaucrats, miltary nobles (the officer class), and at the top the executive branches consisting of the departments of the central government. Who is at the bottom, you ask? Of course the general population, the middle classes , the poor, minorities, and the average everyday man. I must add the term "minorities" does not just mean people of color. Homosexuals, prostitutes,and people who use drugs are also targets of right wing rage against "immorality". Also in most of America, white males and whites in general are assaulted by the establishment and abused as racists. This is done by the establishment to divide and conquer the populace. Most, if not all races fall for this trap. This race baiting keeps emotions inflamed, hate burning, and the people distracted.

Right wingers are, like their leftist cousins, promoters of hate. This hate is directed against "nonbelievers", atheists, homosexuals, poor and downtrodden, and "nonconformists",and those who speak out against the government. This hate is motivated by their own insecurities of self worth, sociopathy, sadism against the weaker, and delusions of domination.

As one can see these two ideologies are ideologies of death, hate, and self abasement. Individuals don't matter, the tribe, the collective, the hive, is supreme. The people mean nothing. The elites of both ideologies establish a hierarchial scoiety to dominate, control, and consolidate their own power.
As O' Brian, Winston Smith's torturer in 1984 related to Winston " Power is not a means, Winston, it is an end." This is the philosophy of the right and left.

Needless to say both of these statist ideologies exist to transfer the wealth and fortune of productive people ( the bulk of the American people) to the non-productive people ( statist government bureaucrats, favored corporations, and the government parasite class). A great run down of the "class struggle" is on " The Nation of Liberty" website run by Peter Brow. The URL is It is a great article.

All in all, the "left" and "right" are full of hate. Hate of humanity is what drives their ideologies. Rightwingers are generally arrogant hypocrites who constantly espouse "morality" and "family values" while living lives of debauchery and luxury. Leftists are also arrongant hypocrites since they espouse "tolerance" and denounce "racism" yet are really race baiters and haters. They promote "group rights" and "multiculturalism" which divide and segregate people into different racial castes and tribes.

Dear reader, reject these ideologies of malice, envy and hate. Instead embrace liberty, freedom, prosperity and compassion. Embrace libertarianism, the only philosophy that tells you that you own your life. Libertarianism is the only philosophy that tells you to live for yourself, enjoy life and respect the rights and lives of others. If you join me, we can walk down that path together.


Mike Snapp said...

Hi GG,

Good stuff. I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll come back to it regularly to see what you've got going on.

My perspective is similar, more theologically oriented, but I'm a lover of liberty. Thanks for writing.


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