Saturday, April 01, 2006

Americans, Liberty, and the Blue Pill

Trinity :" It is the question...Do you know the question?" Neo:" What is the Matrix?"

I am convinced that Americans have taken the Blue pill. They are hopelessly plugged into the system. Dependent on the system for their very lives, they mindlessly continue along without open mindedness, and independent thought. Americans are not only unable to see the truth while stupified by the system, they do not wish to see it. Seeing the truth, the truth that they are slaves, is not something easy to come to grips with. Taking the blue pill is the easy way out. Taking the red pill, the pill of enlightenment is an act of courage. Americans today, much like in the movie the Matrix, live in a dream world. They live superficial and managed lives at the behest of forces they cannot quite put their finger on. They know there is something wrong with their country, they just aren't sure what it is.

Television, talk radio, sports, Hollywood, gossip magazines, etc are all the modern day version of the gladiator games of ancient Rome. Most Americans cannot conceive of life without TV, radio and other forms of artificial "entertainment". Instead of unplugging, most Americans would rather indulge in alcoholism, drug addiction, entertainment addiction and stimulation, organized sporting events and other mundane mindless activities. These actvities do not stimulate the mind, nor do they encourage critical thinking. Instead, these activities cause people to use the most primitive part of the primate brain. Visual and physical stimulation, while normal to enjoy as human beings, have now become the primary organizing factor of the modern man. What is important is not liberty, freedom, self government, individual sovereignty, but what mindless entertainment is going to fill up space in their minds. This mindset is exactly what the elite of the world want. They want you braindead, idiotic, unable to think , and easy to lead.

When you turn on the TV you are seeing a series of images that the corporate/government/media complex wants you to see. Have you ever noticed how most modern police or spy shows depict government officials as benevolent, caring and doing the best for their people. In reality we know this to be a lie. Governments, rightwing, leftwing, "democratic", totalitarian, and religious have been engaged in the systematic domination of the bodies and minds of individuals since societies organized into nation states, empires and kingdoms. Modern despotism is now much easier for the destroyers of freedom. Mass media, government/ corporate propaganda, militarism and "trust" of government leaders has given more and more power, dominance and manipulation to the tyrant. Now modern man is his own worst ememy; the destroyer of his own liberties.

As a libertarian I cannot conceive that mankind are "depraved" or that "original sin" require the supression of indiviudal liberty and independent thought. I reject the notions of organized religion that man is a beast incapable of governing himself. I also reject the view of Hobbes that man's life is " nasty, brutish and short". Man, in my opinion, is not inately depraved. Mankind consists of individuals of varying degrees of morality and behavior. Some are immoral, evil and destructive of their fellow men ( mostly in governments), and some are kind, compassionate, honorable and respect the rights of their fellow men. Some are a mixture of both. Collectivism, despotism, cruelty and brutality are what corrupts and degrades a society. Collectivists claim that man needs strong government to make them obey "proper" authority, and ensure morality. This type of government is what creates and propagates depravity in man. Prison camps, torture, destruction of civil liberties, and mass murder are the results of collectivism of both the right and left. To maintain their power over their people, governments use propaganda, modern day entertainment, and religion for social conformity and control. In essence, they are encouraging you to take the blue pill.

My advice is unplug from our modern day "Matrix" and reject the blue pill, and instead, take the red pill. Wake up, tune in, and tune out your oppressors. Freedom awaits you.

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