Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Worldwide Libertarian Revolution

In this essay we shall discuss creating a libertarian revolutionary movement to spread across the world. This Worldwide Libertarian Revolution will only come about through enlightenment,education and in some places outright revolution. What does this mean for the people of our little planet? What this revolution will accomplish is the destruction of statism and the reorganization of the world's nation states into libertarian societies. This task will not be easy, but no revolution is. The American and French Revolutions caused tremendous upheaval in both Europe and America, causing people to reject the domination of their rulers and attempt to create new and improved societies. Both revolutions paved the way for the modern world,injecting classical liberal ideas and a belief that man was fit for self government. Although classical liberalism was the start of libertarian thought, we must take what over 200 years of history and statism have taught us and move beyond the past, striving to create a truly free world. Let us begin.

Abolition of Nation States

Don't panic. I am not advocating world government, but instead the destruction of the current socio-political statist climates in the nations around the world. To do this, each "nation state" must be reorganized into a libertarian society. To do this, a broad based libertarian revolutionary movement must be created and cultivated in every nation. Of course, each nation has it's different cultures and one must frame a libertarian society within many of those confines, but I believe all people deep in their hearts yearn for liberty. To activate this instinct we must focus on the destruction of the statist system within each country. First, we must educate the masses that all human beings possess natural rights. These rights consist of the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. They also consist of the right to live your life as you see fit as long as you do not violate or infringe on the rights of others to do the same. One must be free from artificial rules imposed by the state that are meant to control people who are engaged in peaceful activities. Such activities include who you have sexual relations with, where you live, where and what type of work you do, how you spend your money, who you choose to associate with or not associate with , etc. To free the minds of people we must create a revolutionary libertarian movement that replaces existing statist societies. Once these movements are created, we must unite these groups and organizations that can pressure statist governments. This pressure should come about by elections, voting, protests, demostrations, the use of libertarian propaganda on the airwaves and TV,handbills and pamphlets, and other arts of revolution. Statists must see and hear the voice of the masses against their governments and must be shown that the people will not tolerate despotism any more. Of course, some statist governments will react by banning free speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press and will probably suspend free elections and impose martial law. When this happens, the people will be propelled into armed revolution. The statists must feel the weight of the people and pay the price for their tyranny.


These revolutionary organizations should be spread out throughtout the land. A system
based upon the voluntary organizations in both the American and French Revolutions are a good example. Committees of Correspondence, Safety, and what I would call a Committee of Liberty. This last committee would be responsible for libertarian propaganda, and philosophical ideals. The committee would bring the radical libertarian philosophy and the ideals of the classical liberals together. It would revive the Anglo-American radical tradition. This tradition, beginning with the Magna Carta in 1215, and it's subequent offspring consisting of the English Levellers, Lockean liberalism, American revolutionaries and the ideals of Thomas Paine and the ideals of Left Libertarian thought. All tyrannical laws must be opposed and protested. We must organize the movement to oppose all taxes, regulations, imperialistic wars, and the growing surveillence state. Statist rulers need to know that the people will not tolerate the destruction of their liberties. Communication between the lovers of liberty around the globe will need to be created. People of different cultures, religions, and nations will need to work together and unite against statism in each and every country.
Most importantly the Military-Industrial Complex must be dismantled and mothballed. The Peace for the World and the future of freedom requires it.

A Libertarian world, a world of libertarian societies would be the nearest thing to a political paradise. Imagine, a world of Libertarian Republics whose only motivations would be peace, honest commerce, and the furtherance of enlightenment throughout humanity. There would be no need for war, mass poverty and decay would recede as free market systems and free individuals would strive to make the world a better place. Am I asking for Utopia? Of course not. Utopia is not an option and does not exist among fallible human beings. Instead of Utopia, lets strive for freedom, and with it will come the rest. Once this is achieved the state will wither away just as Karl Marx predicted. This withering away will not be a result of socialistic statism, whether right or left, but by leaving people to be free.

A Left Libertarian Community

A Left Libertarian community must be established. People must be free to form voluntary social organizations and societies. Free market ideas along with free commerce and exchange between individuals will melt away centuries of corrosive statism and the tyrannical, stifling culture of domination politics. Civil society will flourish and a social intercourse of peace and freedom will be engraved on hearts of humanity. Left Libertarianism and worldwide libertarian revolution are the only ways to change our world for the better. It may take many, many decades or even centuries, but if the human spirit has a flame of liberty left in it, we can start now.

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