Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Facsist States of America

I am now convinced that the United States of America, the great Republic, the land of liberty, the "beacon of freedom", as we know it ,is dead. Our country should no longer be called the United States of America. The name should be changed to the Fascist States Of America. If I sound disheartened, I am. After the recent revelations about warrantless spying, perpetual war in Iraq, phony terror plots
(the LA Library Tower), and Scooter Libby's recent testimony revealing the lies of Vice President Cheney, I see the former American Republic sliding into a truly fascist state.

Here is a list of the crimes, yes crimes, against the liberty of the American people and the principles of the Founding Fathers:

1) A undeclared aggressive foreign war
2) Congressional acts ( the Patriot Act) that violate our constitutional rights
3) Free Speech Zones at public events
4) NSA spying on American citizens without lawful authority
5) Endorsement by the American government of torture
6) Holding American citizens without lawful authority and without charges (Padilla)
7)Holding countless foreign citizens in detention camps
8)Eavesdropping on criminal suspects and violating attorney-client privilege
9) Allowing corporations like Halliburton to be awarded government contracts without any bidding ( due to the relationship with the VP, no doubt)
10) Sending young men and women to die in the sands of the MIddle East to further the political agendas of the neoconservative movement
11) WAR, WAR and more WAR

My list could go on and on. War is NEVER a good thing. Sometimes it is necessary for self defense or revolution, like the American Revolution, but war itself is sickening. War is death, mayhem, brutality, hatred, and barbarism. All human beings, regardless of race, religion or gender are entitled to liberty and freedom. Liberty of person is a basic human need like food, clothing, shelter, and sleep. Even animals love their own liberty. Put an animal in a cage and they will do anything to escape. Liberty is under extreme assault in America by fascistic conservatives who love order, power and domination. Yes, yes leftists are no different, but the left is not in power right now, and this administration is taking the assault on freedom to new heights on a daily basis.

If we continue to be led like cattle and beast of burden, if we continue to be brainwashed by propaganda, America in 10-15 years will be unrecognizable. We need to stop drooling in front of our TV, foaming at the mouth listening to right wing hate radio, and embrace the principles of the American Revolution.

I will leave you dear reader with what I believe is a very profound quote from Thomas Jefferson:

" The care of human life and happiness, and not it's destruction, are the only legitimate objects of good government."

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Anonymous said...

George Bush is to incompetent to change the U.S. to a facsist state. The corporatist and the natural resource CEO's are way ahead of him.