Monday, January 16, 2006

Domestic Lying, Spying and ...Dictatorship

The admission of President Bush about violating the US Constitution, and authorizing illegal wiretaps without a warrant really brings the corruption and political depravity to a pinnacle in my mind. Here we have the President claiming that he, and he alone, has the right to determine what laws to obey and which to discard. This dangerous and ominous idea is being rabidly defended by the conservative facsist right. Their Emperor has spoken, and for them when the high exaulted executive speaks, the rabble must be silent. What a tragedy to watch a once vibrant and libertarian leaning political party like the Republican Party sink into being obsessed with one man government and imperial authority. Although the Republicans always had big government tendencies, the War On Terror has brought the full dominance of the neo-conservatives and their ilk. These supposed "conservatives" are really fascists who love war, world hegemony and power. The "Old Republic" is indeed dead, or at least dying.

Demonic Cabal

The cabal that occupies the American government is indeed demonic. Not in a superstitous religious sense, but in a philosophical one. These power mad men are willing to shred the US Constitution and it's protections to suit their evil needs. Spying on Americans, whether domestic or internationally, is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. These wiretaps were done without any authority of law and at the whim of the President. If these acts had no basis in law, they are in fact extra legal and criminal. Americans need to wake up are realize that the building blocks of a growing police state are coming to fruition. Whats next, warrantsless searches of homes without any probable cause or evidence of a crime? Or maybe using one of the BUsh favorites on the American people, torture. You know, when some poor guy or gal is arrested for a crime, state or federal, forget about all those niceties like constitutional rights, Miranda Admonishments, and the right to counsel. Instead let's just toss people in prison and subject them to physical and mental torture. Maybe we can cut off some toes or fingers, or maybe elctrocution might be better...hmmm. Do you see where this dark line of thought takes us? It takes us down a road of tyranny and despotism, which in turn leads to barbarism.

Fire the Liars

We MUST WAKE UP! All of these liars in the federal government MUST be impeached, fired and criminally indicted. These men are nothing more than criminals and thugs witha n army and burgeoning police state apparatus at their disposal. Forget labels like liberal and conservative, right and left, and instead lets look it square in the face; it is a battle between good and evil, light and dark. President Bush and his ilk have committed one violation of the Consititution after another and we continue to do nothing! Bush, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, et al need to be fired from their jobs and replaced by men and women of courage who love not only their country, but liberty itself.

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