Friday, October 17, 2008

Republican Socialism and the End of the Republic

It's been a while since my last post and quite a bit has happened since then. What has happened is the economic meltdown that has been stalking the US for decades.

What we have witnessed in the last few months is one of the final nails in the coffin of the American Republic. The Democratic Congress and the Republican Executive Branch have committed the US Government to a massive bailout of banks and other supposed capitalist institutions. These wealthy companies and corporations scream and rail against socialism and government intervention,but when the chips are down want to socialize their massive losses due. Of course, the Republicans,the phony state's rights and limited government party, have fully exposed their love of Big Government and their endorsement of state capitalism. Their free market ideology was mainly a fraudulent and crass attempt to make the American sheeple believe they are the Jeffersonian party.

The Republicans have now fully endorsed socialism and the fleecing of the American middle class. Their form of class warfare is exposed. 700 billion dollars are stolen legally from the American people and redistributed to the elite super rich and their financial institutions. This is a redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich. Of course there is no constitutional authority for such crimes against the American people, but hey, who cares about the Constitution, right?

This only the beginning, my friends. The American Republic is almost dead. The Empire is now beginning to publicly blossom. The volatility we see in the NYSE is only a prelude to a massive financial disaster that will engulf the not only the US, but the world. Republican socialists, or what they truly are, Hamiltonians, are presiding over the end of the Republic. The Democrats abandoned the Republic long ago. The Republicans have claimed for decades to be the party of limited government, but now they are exposed for what they truly are. Economic statism and fascism is here to stay. What's next, a trillion, 5 trillion, 10 trillion of fiat money to save the elite?

The American Republic, for all it's flaws, was the greatest experiment in libertarian government for and by the people. America has prospered in spite of strong central government, not because of it. Jeffersonian principles in government are dead, except in people like Congressman Ron Paul, or even Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Now we must find how to survive the coming calamity. Get out of debt, live frugally, and vote out all the criminals in Congress who voted for the bailout. Maybe, just maybe, we can restore the Republic in the coming years, although I am not optimistic. Beware of the Empire because it is showing it's fangs.

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Anonymous said...

Powerful indeed. I fear you may be right. It may be too late. It's for certain the overwhelming majority of American "sheeple" do not subscribe to the Jeffersonian idea of liberty and individual responsibility. No is much easier to "vote for a living" instead of earning it.