Saturday, October 20, 2007


This is not going to be a positive post. I am angry. I am sad. Why? I am angry and sad because the American Republic is dead. I am angry and sad because the US Constitution has been discarded in favor of a military industrial-corporate state. This corporate state has been created over the last 50 years by the left and right alike. A perfect example is the US government's support of the use of mercenaries like Blackwater USA in, not only Iraq, but in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. All the while the drooling morons that infest the neocon and right wing Christian zealot wings of the Republican Party support the eradication of over 800 years of Anglo-American principles of liberty. The Democratic Party is no better with it's nanny state leftists who love government when it plays the role of mommy or daddy, or who demand that everyone be supported by a huge bureaucracy. All the while the US Constitution fades away. It sickens me.

Both political parties are frauds. Both love government power and domination over others. A man like Ron Paul is a true hero. His consistent support for the principles of liberty is wonderful in such dark times as these. Let us hope he can wake some people up. Unfortunately, the US press is a tool of the ruling political class and has absolutely no interest in being fair or evenhanded in it's coverage of Dr. Paul.

What is frightening is that we are witnessing the end stage of republican government. Here are a few of the signs:

Church and state wedding together to support war and death(Iraq)
Cruelty and oppression ( torture of suspects)
Intolerance towards others different from you
abolition of the rule of law
the massive increase of power and centralized government
massive consumer and government debt
recession or depression
fiat money

Now I know these are very generalized, but I encourage you to look around. Look around and WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP before it's too late!

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