Friday, October 26, 2007

The Rule of the Political Class

In my last post, I told people to WAKE UP!!! In this post we are going to expose the ruling class of American society. Karl Marx was right about ruling classes. He just missed the mark a bit. It is not an economic class alone that rules a nation, but a combination of an economic elite and a political elite. Many times they are one in the same. Let us examine the current ruling class of the USA.

Let's draw up a list.

1) Corporations. Regardless of what some misguided libertarians believe
corporations are linked indissolubly with government. They bribe officials through "campaign donations", lobbying,large government contracts such as military technology, or the health care industry . Some will say that corporations are forced to do this out of self defense.Maybe so, but most executives of corporations could care less about liberty, freedom or a free market. Sadly, current interpretations of the 14th Amendment( by an 1896 court) consider the corporation a "person" with rights. This ruling has caused enormous damage to the cause of liberty. Frankly, corporations are legal fictions of government that were not trusted by America's Founding Fathers. nor should they be by us.

2) The Military Industrial Complex. I like to call this wedding of government and private industry the "national security state". This national security state is a paranoid, authoritarian, anti-liberty, greedy
group of whores for fat cats and politicians to conquer other nations in the name of money and power. I like to refer to them as the heavy metal band Black Sabbath did as "War Pigs". These people profit off of death, murder, genocide and conquest. Sickening.

3) The Political Class. Members of Congress, state legislatures, county governments and cities. Politicians are a separate, corrupt class all to themselves. They deny citizens government funded health care, but literally have the best in the world ( as in the case of Congress). Total hypocrisy. Politicians are also the masters at meddling in the lives of their citizens. Their main motto is "There outta be a law.." They also give themselves fat salaries and large paid staffs. Most politicians are drunk with power.

Of course they consider themselves above the law. Several Presidents, Clinton and Nixon are recent ones, have used the IRS to target political opponents. This portion of the ruling class is the most dangerous. Why?
First they hold the purse strings of government, second they have the ultimate authority of armed agents to carry out their orders. Government has no rival. A battle against an unjust, unconstitutional law, or immoral one will result in heavy fines, prison, and sometimes death.

The ruling classes also send young men to die in useless wars across the globe. All of these wars further solidify the power of the economic and political elite. Most brain dead and thoughtless citizens rally to support the most corrupt and incompetent government when threatened. The press is used to lie, manipulate, and control the masses through mass propaganda.Just listen to the cries of "support the troops!", "support your government", "support the President" or more frightening "your President". Why does this happen? Ignorance? Stupidity? Well, probably a combination of both. Dumbed down education in public schools, harsh laws, TV, conservative radio, all of these things contribute, but are not the cause. The main cause of the lack of resistance to criminal government is apathy. Most people could care less about politics and politicians. Because of this morons elect the Clintons, Bushes, Guilianis, etc. Truly tragic.

The ruling classes are destroying what is left of the republic. Like Chancellor Palpatine in Star Wars( although not as intelligent) George Bush has presided over the end of democracy in the USA. By the end I mean the last 25 years or so of republican government. Oh, the forms may remain: Congress, Senate, etc, but Like Palpatine's empire in Star Wars, only to rubber stamp the directives of the executive.

Let us hope liberty can survive. It always manages to in one form or another. As I related in my last post, we need to WAKE UP!!!. If we don't we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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