Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Government Conservatism

The Republican Party is the party of Big Government. Simple as that. Under George W. Bush we have seen the largest increase in federal spending, surpassing Lyndon Johnson's Great Society of the 1960's. "Compassionate Conservatism", whatever that is, has seen the national debt increase to almost 10 TRILLION dollars. Now, there is enough blame to go around, but under this President, the spending has been insane.

Republicans have lost their way. Barry Goldwater conservatism is dead. Goldwater believed in frugal government, states rights, individual liberty, and decentralized government. The crackpots and fascists who run the Republican Party have long thrown Goldwater under the bus, running over his ideals in the process. Let's look at some of the "achievements" of the Bush administration:

An insane war costing billions by the day and slaughtering Americans and Iraqis. War always centralizes government to it's highest levels. Usually it is a pretext to do so.

The No Child Left Behind Act- an unconstitutional law that usurps state powers and foists an unfunded federal mandate on the states.

a four TRILLION dollar increase in the national debt, further bankrupting our nation.

Opposition to states rights in such cases as medical marijuana, euthanasia,gun control, and the blatantly unconstitutional intervention in the Terry Schiavo case.

Support for the destruction of habeus corpus in the USA

Support for secret wiretapping by federal agents on American citizens without a warrant

Mandated marriage counseling during divorce proceedings

The blatantly unconstitutional "Office of Faith Based Initiatives"

Massive increases in federal education spending

Massive increases in federal medicare spending

Opposition to state environmental laws (California's fuel standards)

Support for CAFTA and other international "free trade" treaties that usurp the sovereignty of individual state government's as well as the federal government.

The list goes on and on. As I obtain more info, I will post more of the treason against the Constitution and our liberties from this wing of the corrupt political establishment.

Remember neoconservative fascist William Bennett referred to himself as a "Hamiltonian", and related " I'm no libertarian". So much for limited government.

He is proud to be a believer in the ideals of Mr. Hamilton I am sure: state religion, massive subsidies for business, aristocracy, and monarchy in the form of near worship of George Bush.

Reject these "conservative" phonies. Vote Libertarian.


Silicon Player said...

The Repulican Party is not the party of big government; it is a party of big government. But it is not the worst such party. The last eight years have seen an inexcusable increase in federal spending; but the Democrats demanded even more at every step.

The Republican Party has lost it's way. It's gone in the direction of the Democratic Party. But its way - the way that has been lost - is the way of less government. The Democratic Party has not lost its way, though - its way is big government and collectivism, and that is exactly the way they are going.

The Republican Party may be able to be brought around. The Democratic Party is right where it intends to be.

IntelligentDecline said...

The Republican Party supports the theft of habeas corpus, a natural right of all humans; it supports a governmental imprimatur upon human torture, a bestial obscenity; and as they whine about Democrats penchant to tax and spend, Republicans just spend without end, and foist the bill off onto the backs of the future.

So sorry silicon player, the right-side ain't walking away this time around. Clearly, the Democratic Party is The Lamer of Two Evils.