Thursday, July 21, 2005

All Hail the Emperor!

All Hail the Emperor!

This was the cry of the citizens and politicians of Rome when the name of Caesar was spoken or he rode by. Heads bowed, hands saluted, and the populace was awed by the Emperor, who was elevated to near god-like status. When founded,the American Republic eliminated royalty, nobility, and imperial government. The President, contrary to the wishes of monarchist John Adams, is not called "your majesty", "royal highness", "my lord", or "the sovereign". The Founders, particularly the Jeffersonians, rejected such slavish and aristocratical titles and ideals.

With the rise of the National Security State after World War II, the growth and usurpation of power by the executive branch has changed the face of the American Republic forever. The Executive, once considered the weakest branch of the federal government, is now the most powerful of the three branches. Every President since Harry Truman has involved American forces in overseas adventures and wars with little or no imput from the US Congress. The Congress has not provided any check on the powers of the President and has allowed it's own power to be seized by the President and the federal courts. This has created the rise of an imperial mindset to grow in the United States.

This mindset, what I call the new royalty, has been propagated by both major political parties. Whether a Democrat or Republican in office, each party vehemently defends "their man" no matter what. Lies, corruption, dishonesty, are all cast away by political partisanship. The Republican Party has now taken this royal worship of " their man" to a height not seen before in the United States. Let us examine how George Bush has been elevated to being the new king.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Savage and other right wing propagandists promote the idea of the infallability of the President. He is referred to as "our leader", "your" or "our President", "your commander in chief", and other slavish and bootlicking terms.
Underneath these terms the real political theory can be examined. It is an old theory, one of old monarchy, despotism, and the divine right of kings. The terms referred to above are a subtle substitute for "your majesty", "your highness", "your excellency", etc. As I have related in other essays these are the old doctrines of monarchist Sir Robert Filmer, Edmund Burke, England's King James I, and the brutal kings of France.

With the advent of the new "war on terror" after the 9/11 attacks, the American right wing has made several inroads into destroying our republican government. The Patriot Act, the increase of the standing army, the creation of a de-facto national ID card, and the creation of an American domestic spy agency called the National Security Service. These events only increase the power of the federal government and the executive branch. The Right loves it because they do not believe in representative government, Jeffersonian Democracy, or the principles of liberty. They are in love with kingship, whether he is called a dictator, king, emperor, governor, or supreme ruler. This is our future unless the Jeffersonians among us rise up and reinvigorate our dying republic with the true ideals of freedom: individual liberty, freedom of religion, press, person, protection of habeus corpus, trial by jury,and the repudiation of monarchy and all of it's trappings. In America today we are seeing the elimination of the experiment in republican government and the trappings on the American monarchy taking shape. This monarchy rules with the help of a wealthy oligarchy of big business, big government bureaucrats, strong central government, and a standing army. This is our future if the authoritarians, both right and left, succeed.

If one more terrorist attack happens in America, particularly if it is catastrophic, we will see the end of American democracy. It will not matter whether the President is George Bush, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton or some other politician, martial law will be declared, elections suspended, and the rule of one propagated. Congress will eventually be disbanded, and an American Caesar will come to power. Once that Caesar is in power, American liberty will be buried under a new martial society, 500% patriotism, propaganda, and extreme nationalism.

Here is what life under the new Caesar will be like: internal passports to travel within the USA, police checkpoints throughout the states, the establishment of a domestic spy agency (NSS), the annhilation of all state and local power and authority, and the wedding of private corporate interests with the federal government. This is called fascism. Fascism is the philosophy of state socialism and the uniting of Big Business. Big Business serves the fascist state and in return receives monopoly powers and privileges, just like during the monarchies of the middle ages. A aristocracy is erected, the middle and lower classes are degraded through a declining standard of living, poor education, violence and high crime, and the loss of the locus of sovereignty in the people. High at the top of this pile of corruption, bureaucracy, and statism will be a dictator. This dictator will rule through a corrupt and venal oligarchy full of sycophants willing to do his bidding. The people will live in banality, immorality, and fear. This is exactly what the dictator and his minions want.

When this happens there will be no freedom, no liberty, no protests, no opposition to those in power, and no right to privacy. There will be no voices shouting from the rooftops against the new king, no one yelling rebellion or revolution from their soapbox. The only voice heard loudly and strongly will be " ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR!, GOD BLESS HIS ROYAL MAJESTY!"

If those words are heard, it will be too late.

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Anonymous Middle Age Guy said...

Powerful presentation. Although I concurr with the general direction of the state, I see it as much a measure of American apathy as state power.

I am reminded of the book "They Thought They Were Free".