Saturday, March 12, 2005

What this Site is about

The Jeffersonian libertarian is a blog devoted to the ideals and philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and the principles of the American Revolution. We at the Jeffersonian are defenders of republican government, freedom of religion, individual liberty, free trade and free markets, and limited powers for govenment. We are also believers in Jeffersonian and libertarian radicalism as opposed to the quiet moderation of the current libertarian movement. Our goal is to reinvigorate the American political polity to maximize liberty and destroy statism.

We are opposed to the following: communism, socialism, monarchism, aristocracy, corporatism, conservatism, fascism, and all other liberty destroying philosophies. These philosophies all have in common the glorification of the state or it's parasite class. They regularly stamp out liberty, individualism, freedom, and install in their place aristocracy, corruption, elitism, domination and hierarchy. We, as Jeffersonians reject outright such evil philosophies.

Currently the US Government is promoting evil ideals listed above through perpetual war, statism at home and abroad, and assaulting the civil liberties and natural rights of American citizens with impunity. The United States, a nation born out of a radical revolution, and a product of the first war of national liberation , has become the most conservative and reactionary of nations. This is an absolute tragedy for not only the American people, but the world. We now must move forward and embrace the classical liberalism of the American Revolution and use it to guide our future. We have 200 years of history as experience and we must heed it's warnings.

We reject both right and left. Both encourage despotism and centralized government. Both usually consist of sadistic and power hungry individuals who wish to rule over others. On the Right, we have the imperialist "conservatives". These "conservatives" are really the Old European order in Americam form. They are the order which propped up kings, priests, and nobles to rule and reign over serfs and common people and who opposed all change and reduction of power so they could keep themselves in their positions of noblity and government. They have attempted over the last 200 years to engraft upon the American Republic these ideals, and replace the ideals of the American Revolution. This was begun in the 1790's by Alexander Hamilton and has been opposed by lovers of liberty ever since.

The Left is also a group enamored with European ideals of government. They are the promoters of strong centralized government, the abolition of all civil rights and the imposition of a planned economy. Like their conservative "enemies" they also favor aristocracy and rule by the few over the many. The few they promote are the ones that rule "the Party". They then rule over a poverty stricken and ignorant peasantry while they live lavishly in mansions and "dachas" as they were called in the Soviet Union.

These supposed opposing philosophies are really kindred spirits. Both want to turn back the clock to a time before the Enlightenment. This was a time when absolute monarchies, theocracy, superstition, and despotism reigned supreme.
It was called the Dark Ages.

Hopefully this site will as Jefferson stated "spread light and liberality" throughout the blogosphere.


The Grey Man said...


The Grey Man said...

More cool!

Fred Mangels said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

It is very good to see new folks adding their voices to the growing demand for life and liberty.

Welcome! I'll be reading here from time to time as I'm able, and hope that your readers will visit The Price of Liberty too.